March 3, 2006

Web Reconnaissance for 03/03/2006

A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention.

Jay of Stop the ACLU brings us this little tidbit Anti-US Taped Teacher Hires ACLU Attorney “Anti-US geography teacher, Jay Bennish, that was taped by a student calling the U.S. the most violent nation on earth, has hired an ACLU attorney. Not just any ACLU attorney, but the same one that Ward Churchill had, David Lane. “

Captain Z of From My Position…On The Way! writes The 26,616-man March “CNN Reports that anti-Bush/Anti US protests numbering in the "tens of thousands" were occurring in New Dell-hi. Gee, there's accuracy for ya. I am sure there's a difference between 99000 and say, 22000. Sure, both are a big number, but vastly different, aren't they?
Maybe not. Let's look at the numbers.”

Captain Ed of Captain’s Quarters writes Able Danger, The Lawsuit “The principals in the Able Danger story have filed suit to restrain the Department of Defense from retaliating against Tony Shaffer and to allow these witnesses to retain counsel during the closed hearings that Congress has scheduled into the data-mining program. Mark Zaid, representing Shaffer as well as contractor J. D. Smith, filed the suit on Monday against the DoD, DIA, the Army, and their attorneys in the DC district court.”

Cassandra of Villainous Company writes Promises of Hope, Omens of Disaster
“How do we judge, rightly, the promise that is Iraq? Out of the broken shards of the Golden Dome at Samarra, what will rise? For three years now we have witnessed the anguished hand-wringing of countless pundits. At any moment civil war, that ne plus ultra of all bad, scary monsters hiding under the liberal bed at night, was said to be breaking out, all due to the reckless unilateralism of that awful cowboy Bush. Of course in all the delicious outrage, who would dare to suggest civil war was the inevitable and desired result (if not the only logical consequence) of this little bill, signed into law with bipartisan support by William Jefferson Clinton:”

Andi of Andi’s World writes No, Cindy Sheehan Has Not Grown a Conscience “…No, Sheehan has not miraculously grown a conscience. She has demonstrated an intense hostility towards our troops (and our country) in the past, and I'm sure there is more to come. We're to believe that suddenly Sheehan doesn't want to disturb our recovering heroes, although fliers promoting the event made it clear that the desire of the Sheehan crowd was to deny our troops essential healthcare at Landsthul…”

Greyhawk of Mudville Gazette has Daily Kos on Tall Afar The Daily Kos crowd attempts to debunk the letter from the mayor of Tall Afar to the 3rd ACR. They pretend to be (or are) confused by the fact that there were two letters - one to the 3rd ACR and the other to General Casey. Beyond that, their argument boils down to "everyone who says it's authentic is a liar."

William Teach at Pirate’s Cove writes Patriot Act: 89-10 “And all those Democrats who were so dead set against the Patriot Act? How’d they vote:”

Hugh Hewitt writes Jay Bennish and the Facts “Yesterday I played most of the tape of ultra-lefty high school teacher Jay Bennish. Dignan's 75 Year Plan begins the long process of introducing Mr. Bennish to facts.”

Ian at Expose the Left has Olbermann Misrepresents ‘Bush Katrina Tapes’ (VIDEO) On tonight’s edition of Countdown, host Keith Olbermann played the now infamous ‘Bush Katrina tapes’ and lied right on LIVE television. If you watched the Bush tape, you would have known he misunderstood what was told to him.

Crazy Politco writes Do You Know Your Rights? “I was just reading an interesting article in the paper about how clueless most American's are about their rights, and the Constitution. According to a poll commissioned byMcCormick Tribune Freedom Museum, a much higher percentage of us know that Paula, Randy and Simon are the judges on American Idol than know what's in the First Amendment.”

Grey Eagle of A Female Soldier writes To Know The Man “Marine 2nd Lt. Almar L. Fitzgerald I was sent an article from the Marine Times (the Marines, you got a luv them, they are a brass balls group of men and women) by a Marine. It tells a personal and up close portrait of an officer, a soldier, a warrior.”

Tom of The Redhunter writes Options for Dealing with the Gulf States “As everyone knows Iran is determined to get nuclear weapons, and will likely have then before 2006 is out. And as anyone who is at alll in touch with current events knows, this will lead to war. Whether the war starts just before they have something deliverable or not depends on luck and how good our intelligence is, but either way unless there's a miracle it's going to happen.”

Pamela aka Atlas of Atlas Shrugs writes Wrong Mother, Muthuh F**KUH “A grieving mother of a soldier killed in Iraq wants to voice her opinion. She has a message about the war in Iraq and feels the American people need to hear what she has to say. Her name is Merrilee Carlson and her story is compelling and newsworthy. Unlike another mother of a fallen soldier, Carlson is not a household name. Her message is exactly opposite of the over-exposed message of the well-known protesting mom.”

Dadmanly writes The AP Misreports Again! “The Associated Press continues to factually misreport (as in report untruths) of the recently released video tapes. Today’s story now includes mention of Gov. Blanco saying that levees had not been breached), but in rehashing yesterday’s non-factual but no doubt accurate report, the AP story includes the following:”

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