June 20, 2006

Mr. Stokely Responds To Missing Soldiers Found

Thoughts by Mr. Stokely

Rueters reporting that the two abducted US Soldiers were found dead and that the head of Al Qada in Iraq is showing their throats being slit on the internet. The bodies were reportedly found near Yusufiyah – which is where Mike died. Such events are deplorable and depraved. We must hunt these dogs down and eradicate them from the face of this earth.

This moment in time takes me back to my last instructions to Mike – don’t let them take you alive son, for they will execute you anyway, so go down fighting and take as many as you can with you – I was concerned about him being taken prisoner by these barbaric and cruel assassins who push aside all ethical and moral considerations of human dignity. To slit the throats and then put it on for display is a horror no family should suffer. It is a moment like this that I feel our family is extremely lucky.

Let us not forget this and let us seek maximum retribution to teach them and those around the world who would dare contemplate such acts a lesson. Let us not forget and let us deal harshly with those that lend assistance to such individuals in any way, at any place, at any time.

Let us help these monsters find their virgins!

Robert Stokely
Proud dad SGT Mike Stokely
KIA IED near Yusufiyah Iraq 8/16/05

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