June 23, 2006

Web Reconnaissance for 06/23/2006

A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention.

Captain B writes POW/MIA FLAG OUTDATED? “Robert Dorr’s recent Colum in the Marine Corps Times suggests that the POW/MIA flag is out of date and reflects out of date imagery that should be retired. His opinion of the imagery is that it is counter productive and has out lived its usefulness.” (read more)

Life in Iraq – As a US Army Sniper writes Post 8, December- “It was a hot summer day and the sun was starting to come down when we were walking in a wedge formation through the city, exfilling back to the FOB. My teammates and I were exhausted and dripping sweat but none the less we were focused and alert.” (read more)

Fast Bunnies writes Still here “I don't really have much to contribute today, except to say that watching the news affirms my current political leanings, and that having been a Marine once, or a Soldier once, or a Seaman, well, doesn't make you a damn expert. I can look all around the Army right now and know that our participation in this great undertaking will make us no more rational than other people in exercising future political judgement. In fact, for a good majority, it will be a liability.” (read more)

Bandit36 writes More Progress!!! “Here is my challenge. Pass this story to everyone whose opinion of progress in Iraq matters to you and see how long it takes to make hit the main stream. This kind of story is a primary enabler of force drawdown! It paves the way to victory and, thereby, to bringing troops home Let me suggest the headline for the MSM:” (read more)

Glen Morris of The Babylon Blog writes A Word from the Commanding Officer “Despite the nickname “Grunts,” the Marines I serve with here are a sharp group of young men. Among the sharpest is their leader, Captain Andy Lynch, a man I have quickly come to respect and admire. He is an expert at juggling the many tasks that are required of a combat commander in this difficult counter-insurgency fight.” (read more)

Dafydd at Big Lizards writes Those Darned 500 Chemical Artillery Shells That Shouldn't Exist “So far, besides the Cybercast News System (CNS) article cited in our previous post on this subject, I've found only a few other MSM reports on the WMDs that have been found in Iraq since 2003. Here's the story by Fox News; it's well written and gives us both sides -- actually "fair and balanced," if you like.” (read more)

Laughing_Wolf posting at Blackfive writes NYT Stikes Again “…And blows the lid of yet another secret and successful operation to stop terrorism. Once again, something done overseas, with oversight, and not a hint of domestic abuse. Something that worked, and of which the terrorists are now fully aware. Way to go NYT, your war against Bush carries on even if it gets Citizens of this country butchered and endangers our freedoms.” (read more)

Captain Ed writes NYT Reveals Secret Banking Anti-Terrorist Program “The New York Times Eric Lichtblau and James Risen have exposed yet another clandestine method used by American intelligence to track terrorists at home and abroad. This time, the pair has revealed a complex surveillance system in the international banking system that traced financial transactions of people suspected of terrorist ties. The system, called Swift, has resulted in at least one capture of a high-value target, al-Qaeda's leader in Southeast Asia:” (read more)

Omar at Iraq the Model writes Forward Together update; Maliki sends a powerful message to the militias. “It is day eight of operation forward together now, the operation so far has met some relative success according to an official statement from the ministry of defense: Baghdad has witnessed a decrease in number of attacks; terror attacks in the past week-first week of operation forward together-were 19% less than attacks in the week before the operation was launched.” (read more)

John Hawkins writes Kos-ola Payola? “Are you ready for an exciting foray into the seamy underbelly of the blogosphere? Well then, strap on your seatbelt and let me tell you a little bit about the still unfolding Kos-ola scandal. To make a long story short, Markos Moulitsas Zúniga of the Daily Kos has had a long business relationship with Jerome Armstrong, who has left MyDD to consult. And what's interesting about that is people have noticed that in several instances, after money has gone into Jerome Armstrong's hands, the people shelling out the cash suddenly seem to have good things happen to them on the Daily Kos.” (read more)

Captain Ziegenfuss writes All Things Considered “Yesterday marked the 1st anniversary of me getting my ass splattered all over the lower al-Abarra province. Since then, Lieutenant Colonel (at the time Major) Kareem saw to it that the son of a whore who set off that IED was brought to justice. He took the attack very personally. He is one of the very few people I met in Iraq that I would loved to have hosted here in the US, or even taken my family to visit in a few years. Unfortunately, he was killed by another son of whore later that year.” (read more)

David with Vets for Freedom writes Ramadi... with the Iraqi Army “This is amazing. I have not spoken to wade in three days. And I have to return this laptop to its owner in two mintues... the Iraqi army is taking real estate from the enemy. Seeing these men in action is amazing. The people of Ramadi trust them.” (read more)

Major John writes News of Afghanistan XII “Alrighty then. What are we at...week 12 of the information round up? Let's get to it then!Everybody is after the independent press in Afghanistan [follow the link for extra bonus cattiness between Musharraf and Kazai - meow!] Here is some more reaction.” (read more)

Expose the Left has Another Liberal Unhappy About WMD in Iraq, Coulter Discusses Murtha Remark (VIDEO) “Ann Coulter appeared on FOX News’ Hannity & Colmes Wednesday night to discuss the WMD found in Iraq and a comment she made about John Murtha. Coulter was opposite of liberal Laura Schwartz, who downplayed the WMD and made it sound like it wasn’t what we were looking for. One question; why aren’t liberals happy like all conservatives that we found WMD? Don’t question their patriotism, though.” (read more)

GayPatriotWest posting at Gay Patriot writes House Democrats’ Disunity & Their “Unimaginative” Agenda “If it were not for the intense animosity Democratic congressional leaders (and prospective committee chairs) harbored for the President of the United States, I would not be so concerned about a Democratic takeover of Congress. While there have been signs of improvement in the Republican caucus in recent days, it still has not fully embraced the Reaganite agenda of The Contract with America, the series of policy proposals which helped the GOP win a majority in Congress in 1994.” (read more)

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