June 24, 2006

Web Reconnaissance for 06/24/2006

A short look at what’s out there that might draw your attention: Weekend Edition

Huntress writes The MSM Is sinking Fast, and shareholders are Furious "…These monolithic media empires are like huge ships believed for decades, by their owners and shareholders, to be unsinkable. Today these ships are sinking fast and shareholders are furious…” (read more)

American Soldier writes Another day in the Neighborhood “…In the heat of battle you have to make decisions and have to do things that don’t always make sense. You all expect us to come home safe and all that happy horse shit right? We have a set of rules that we must obey but the very 1st fucking rule is: ‘If you suspect that you or any member of you unit is in danger you have the right to defend yourself!’” (read more)

Froggy writing at Blackfive writes Doing the "Right" Thing “I find it very interesting that within a week of the news of an impending North Korean missile test, a whole host of former Democrat office holders are now clamoring for the US to PRE-EMPTIVELY destroy that missile BEFORE it is even launched.” (read more)

Dafydd writes The Questions Never Asked “According to the New York Times, global warming -- excuse me, global climate change; I keep forgetting -- has raised world temperatures to the warmest it's been in at least 1,000 years, maybe more. But this immediately raises a number of questions that, alack, are never even asked, let alone answered in the article.” (read more)

Robin of Chickenhawk Express writes ACLU Wants to Review Haditha Docs “Rant #2 - The ACLU... Just saying those letters makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Is there anything the ACLU won't do to undermine the United States? And why are my tax dollars paying for them to shoot my country in the ass? Now the ACLU thinks they can do a better job investigating the Haditha incident than the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.” (read more)

Cassandra writes Selective Outrage, Media Coverage As A Means Of Asymmetrical Warfare “Open a newspaper or turn on the nightly news and you'll see horrifying accusations of human rights violations by US troops. Though the Haditha investigations are far from incomplete, it is nearly impossible to find press coverage that omits the requisite head-scratcher from Jack Murtha. To hear Murtha tell it, there's "no question" these "cold-blooded killers" "snapped" due to "the strain of repeated deployments".” (read more)

Captain Ed writes ACLU, Right On Schedule “The ACLU has jumped into the fray over the publication of national-security efforts to trace financial transactions of suspected terrorists and their organizations in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and the Wall Street Journal this morning. To no one's great shock, the ACLU has leveled more accusations of malfeasance against the Bush administration:” (read more)

Expose the Left has San Fran’s Sandoval Wants Illegals To Have Jobs, Not Be Punished For Murder (VIDEO) San Francisco Supervisor Geraldo Sandoval seems more interested in getting illegal aliens a job than deporting them or even, gasp, punishing those who kill two innocent people.” (read more)

Jay Tea of Wizbang writes To the liberals, every silver lining is wrapped around the dark cloud of "racism" “Last week, there was a story I kept meaning to discuss, but never got around to it. Massachusetts' governor, Mitt Romney, was seeking cooperation with federal officials to allow state troopers to arrest illegal aliens.” (read more)

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