August 19, 2006

Web Reconnaissance for 08/19/2006

A short look at what’s out there that might draw your attention.

Dan Riehl writes Let's Not Miss The Point Here “Everyone is going on about Andrew Young's comments before he half-heartedly apologized and resigned his short-lived position as a spokesman for Wal-mart. But no one is addressing the real point. […] Okay, so another Civil Rights leader is a racist, gee, who knew? Certainly not Reverend Hymietown or Tawana Sharpton. Give me a break. Racism exists all over in our world and it was always going to take a generational change or three to flush it out of the bulk of the population. And that is taking place, thanks to people who were born to racism but have struggled to put it aside. So, let's put that given aside, too, for once, instead of pretending it doesn't exist.” (read more)

Captain Ed writes The Taylor Embarrassment “The more people read of the opinion by Judge Anna Diggs Taylor ruling against the government in the NSA's terrorist surveillance program, the less impressed even the program's opponents become. Adam Liptak reports in the New York Times -- whose editorial board hailed Taylor's jurisprudence -- that legal analysts have little support for Taylor's reasoning:” (read more)

Robin of Chickenhawk Express writes I Thought There Were No Hezbollah Fighters In Qana? “There were mass funerals in Lebanon today. Of course most of the coverage was the funeral for the July 30 Qana victims. Depending on which article or caption you read, either the Qana victims were initially buried in a mass grave, then dug up and reburied today. Or the bodies were kept in a refrigerated truck in Tyre until the funerals today... If they were intially buried then dug up that flies in the face of all the claims from Iraq that their religion forbids exhuming bodies after burial. Remember that is the excuse offered when a "supposed" victim of "American war crimes" needs to be exhumed for examination as to the cause of death.” (read more)

Beaverbrook writing at The Torch writes The 2nd Hundred Years' War (1914-Present) “There’s a lot of talk about whether or not we are in the middle of World War III. That’s what Newt Gingrich calls the worldwide “War on Terror”, as do others. Going one step further, Norman Podhoretz mimics James Woolsey's lead by referring to it as World War IV, and agrees with the Project for the New American Century that the Cold War was effectively the real number III. This would be taking a broader view of things alright, but I still think they both come up short on the big picture, and remain stuck in a present day, non-historical perspective.” (read more)

Dadmanly writes The Bush Doctrine “By the time this is posted, I’m sure the leading edge of criticism will have moved well beyond it, but please read in its very lengthy entirety, Norman Podhoretz’s brilliant essay in Commentary, Is the Bush Doctrine Dead? The short answer is no.” (read more)

Jay Tea of Wizbang writes For God and country “Yesterday, I brushed up against the church/state issue in the United States, when I discussed a church that had chosen to take a stand against our immigration laws and offer sanctuary to an illegal alien. A few people delved into the larger issue, and some said that my suggestion the church lose its tax-exempt status as an "open assault on the church," even citing "the power to tax is the power to destroy." This got me thinking into the whole issue of church-state relations, especially in relation to their tax-exempt status.” (read more)

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