September 11, 2006

Web Reconnaissance for 09/11/2006

A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, today focusing on 9/11/01

La Shawn Barber writes A Religious and Unconventional War
Atlas Shrugs writes 9/11: Islam Declares War on U.S.
Michelle Malkin writes The 2,996 Project
Pirate’s Cove writes 2996: Brooke Alexandra Jackman
Gay Patriot writes Remembering James Joe Ferguson
Politics of a Patriot writes 9/11: In Memorium
Blackfive writes Matthew Lancelot Ryan - Someone You Should Know
The Armorer writes We Remember DIA Budget Analyst Karl W. Teepe.
Captain Ed writes 9/11 Remembrance: Ysidro Hidalgo-Tejada
Confederate Yankee writes Five Years After
Neptunus Lex writes Five Years On
Soldier’s Angels Germany writes In Memory of David Wiswall
Tanker Brothers writes 9/11: Five Years On...We Remember
Villainous Company writes Gregorio Manuel Chavez
Villainous Company writes And At Night, I Dream Of You...
OPFOR writes Requiem
Captain Z writes Never Forget!
The Gun Line writes 9/11 - Tribute to James Sands Jr. “We will never forget.”
Dan Riehl writes Politicizing 9/11
Chickenhawk Express writes Have You Forgotten? I Will Never Forget...
Reformed Chicks Blabbing writes 9-11 Tribute to Matthew Blake Wallens
Flopping Aces writes 2996 - Remembering Aram Iskendarian
Old War Dogs writes Have You Forgotten?
Patterico writes Remembering the Victims of 9/11/01
Technicalities writes I Wish I Had Known Her
Red Hot Cuppa Politics writes The Hymn of Alexander Chaing
MAIL CALL! writes 2,996. I remember...Jonathan Neff Cappello
Quid Nimis writes Remembered
Fbl writes Remembering 9-11
Fbl writes Remembering Timothy Patrick McSweeney
Most Certainly Not writes Never Forgotten
Army Wife Toddler Mom writes In Memory of Ramzi Doany
A Swift Kick & A Band-Aid writes 9/11: Honoring 2,996
Rhymes with Right writes September 11, 2006 William Anthony "Tony" Karnes
Hooah Wife writes Debra Lynn Gibbon (November 27, 1957 - September 11, 2001)
Blonde Sagacity writes 2,996: A Tribute to the Victims of 9/11
Homefront 6 writes Father Mychal Judge - 00001
Yikes! writes So... where were YOU????
The Belmont Club writes The Shadow of Our Hand
The Redhunter writes September 11, 2001 - Tara Yvette Hobbs
Dadmanly writes Michelle Coyle-Eulau
WO1 Michael Fay writes Day of Remembrance, Day of Denial, Day of Celebration
Iraq War Today writes The 2996 Project - Jesus Cabezas, The 2996 Project - Bradley J. Fetchet and My 9/11
The Kept Woman writes
Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiller writes Paul Robert Eckna in Memoriam
Greyhawk writes 911 Remembered: Rick Rescorla was a soldier
Two Babes and a Brain writes 9/11 Tribute...

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