September 21, 2006

Web Reconnaissance for 09/21/2006

A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention.

Allahpundit writes Audio: Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir on AQ’s alleged nuclear plot “Live on the phone from Islamabad. What a coup for Glenn Beck; I haven’t seen this story covered anywhere in the mainstream media aside from the two recent posts at the Blotter about Adnan al-Shukrijumah. Excellent, excellent job by Beck and his staff.
If you haven’t followed the unfolding Al Qaeda WMD storyline, start with this post from May and these two from the past week. The audio picks up with Mir talking about his recent meeting in Afghanistan with AQ capo Abu Dawood. It ends with him alleging a closer relationship between Al Qaeda and Iran than most counterterror experts believe.” (read more)

Captain Ed writes The Rally That (Almost) No One Covered “One of the most well-known philosophical questions known to popular culture asks whether a falling tree makes a noise if no one witnesses it. Now we can add whether a rally attracting tens of thousands of supporters for Israel outside the UN exists if no newspapers bother to report it. Fortunately, the New York Sun and Power Line manage to outdo the rest of the media in informing readers:” (read more)

Confederate Yankee writes FEAR: Why The Press Won't Tell You What Ahmadinejad Said “A striking bit of journalistic malpractice seems to have affected the mainstream media web sites this morning, as news site after news site failed to provide their readers with the transcript of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speech last night to the United Nations. As of noon at ABC News, it is as if Ahmadinejad never spoke, as their was no reference to his address in front of the United Nations on their Web site’s front page, and is notably absent from the headlines of their political section as well. I had to search Google News to find this report on their site, which did not link to the transcript, nor provide Ahmadinejad's closing remarks.” (read more)

Mohammed of Iraq the Model writes Begging for more anger! “Iraq's speaker of parliament opened Tuesday's session (Arabic) by complaining about "the pope's excuses are not enough, he must make a clear apology…." The Islamist speaker, Mahmoud al-Mashhadani said it without shame or hesitation, just like all other leaders who owe us a thousand apologies a day for their ignorance and incompetence. What can I say? We got used to this kind of behavior. When someone is full of mistakes he finds no shelter except in accusing others of being wrong.” (read more)

Michelle Malkin writes AP stands for Advocacy Press “Yesterday evening, I received a call from my column syndicate, Creators Syndicate. The Associated Press had phoned my editor to inform her that it would be sending a response to my column yesterday about detained AP photographer Bilal Hussein. (Funny how quickly they respond now. Where have they been the past five months? Oh, right: Busy covering up the news about Hussein's April 12 capture by the military at a Ramadi apartment with an alleged al Qaeda leader and a weapons cache.) The AP last night asked my editor to supply its corporate communications office with my newspaper client list so it could disseminate its response.” (read more)

Dan Riehl writes Syria: US Attacked Its Own Embassy “ According to this report, senior members of the Baath Party in Syria claim the US attacked its own embassy last week, while newspapers continue to speculate as to who perpetrated the attack and at the Counterterrorism Blog, Walid Pharez wrote of inside information suggesting it was Syria and Olivier Guitta agrees. After a careful review of news reports, images and several videos, below is my case that the Syrian Government did indeed launch the attack, one never intended to damage or enter the embassy which would have been an act of war against the United States.” (read more)

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