February 23, 2007

Web Reconnaissance for 02/23/2007

A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention.

In the News: (Registration may be required to read some stories)
Rice Warns Iran It Risks Further U.N. Sanctions “Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice warned Iran on Thursday that it will face further punishment and isolation if it forges ahead with efforts to develop a uranium-enrichment program, but she said the United States and other powers are prepared to restart talks...” (READ MORE)

For Clinton, New Wealth In Speeches “Former president Bill Clinton, who came to the White House with modest means and left deeply in debt, has collected nearly $40 million in speaking fees over the past six years, according to interviews and financial disclosure statements filed by his wife, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.).” (READ MORE)

Insurgents Broaden Arsenal in Battles With U.S., Iraqi Forces “Insurgents in Iraq are employing a variety of new tactics -- from an unprecedented string of helicopter shoot-downs to unusual chlorine bomb attacks and direct assaults on U.S. military bases -- that American commanders say are intended to create chaos and undermine the U.S. and Iraqi military push...” (READ MORE)

Iran defies nuclear ultimatum “Iran has ignored a U.N. Security Council ultimatum to freeze uranium enrichment and has instead expanded its program by setting up hundreds of centrifuges, the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency said yesterday. The finding paves the way for new U.N. sanctions.” (READ MORE)

Smugglers raise stakes in fight over border rule “Rival alien and drug smugglers on the U.S.-Mexico border are targeting each other in a wave of escalating violence to win control of smuggling corridors into the United States...” (READ MORE)

From the Front:
The Calm Before the Sand: Taji, Part III: Tigris “And so I found myself thrust onto the back of a patrol boat, something one would think the Army (think ground operations) wouldn't even have use for. I found myself there mere hours before I was supposed to convoy back to Balad, and moreover I found myself there in possession of a weapon that wasn't even mine. Sometimes, I found myself thinking as I climbed aboard, it just doesn't pay to get out of bed.” (READ MORE)

Marine Historian: TURNING A CORNER IN AL ANBAR… “I spent last week in two of the toughest areas of Al Anbar province; Hit and Ramadi. It was my first trip to Hit, which has been reported as one of the most difficult areas remaining in Western Iraq and my second trip to Ramadi, the provincial capital and epicenter of the insurgency less than a year ago. What I saw and experienced in both places was a source of encouragement and optimism about the future of Al Anbar.” (READ MORE)

Bouhammer’s Afghan Blog: I made it back “Well it took 5 days, some good weather, and a priority letter to finally make it back to my FOB. The weather here in Afghanistan wreaks havoc on flights, which in turn disrupts a lot since flying is the primary means of moving around the country. I came back from Emergency Leave early at the request of my chain of command because of some things going on back here. So it was frustrating to return early and then sit in Baghram for so long.” (READ MORE)

On the Web:
Charles Krauthammer: No Way To End A War “The dueling Democratic plans to end the war would make it inherently unwinnable while shirking the political responsibility for doing so.” (READ MORE)

Lorie Byrd: This is what a real outing looks like “There has been an incredible amount of media attention paid to the ‘outing’ of Valerie Plame. In spite of extensive interviews granted by her camera-loving husband, Joe Wilson, asserting the current administration intentionally outed a covert CIA agent, there have yet to be any charges filed against anyone for outing Plame.” (READ MORE)

Oliver North: Lions, Bears and Birds “’The lion and the bear are hunting the eagle.’ That's how a refugee from Tehran put it when he called me this week about recent developments in his homeland. The lion to which my friend referred was on the coat of arms of nearly every Persian king for more than a thousand years. The bear, of course, is imperial Russia. We're the bird.” (READ MORE)

John Hawkins: The Top 9 Reasons Why a Democratic President Can't Handle the War on Terrorism “[I]f this nation were unfortunate enough to be burdened for four years with Barack Obama, John Edwards, Hillary Clinton or one of the other liberals contending for the Democratic nomination, things would be even worse this time around. Why would that be the case? There are a variety of reasons for it.” (READ MORE)

David Limbaugh: Trolling for International Admiration “While arrogantly guaranteeing that she would be the next president, Hillary Clinton promised to stop America from being an ‘arrogant power.’ Well, maybe when she accomplishes her mission, she can begin to work on herself.” (READ MORE)

Cliff May: A Failure to Communicate “In Iraq, we have been losing not clashes of arms but clashes of perceptions. Our enemies understood early on that they could not defeat American troops in combat. But they were clever enough to realize they didn’t need to. Instead, they could win a war of ideas.” (READ MORE)

Some Soldier’s Mom: Those Who Left the Battlefield but Brought the Battle Home “When Noah deployed for his first tour in Iraq, there was no describing the worry. It was intense. It was consuming. It permeated every minute of every day. Like our skin or our heartbeats, it was with us and around us and in us no matter what we did or where we were.” (READ MORE)

Crazy Politico: It's Your Plan, Not Your Patriotism “Memo To Nancy Pelosi and Jack Murtha: Dick Cheney didn't question your patriotism when he said: ‘I think if we were to do what Speaker Pelosi and Congressman Murtha are suggesting, all we will do is validate the Al Qaeda strategy. The Al Qaeda strategy is to break the will of the American people, try to persuade us to throw in the towel and come home, and then they win because we quit.’” (READ MORE)

Allahpundit: WaPo editor: If we’re so liberal, how come the nutroots sends us hate mail? “The last time I heard this chestnut was during the White House correspondents dinner, shortly before Colbert took the stage. The president of the correspondents association tossed it out there in introducing Bush; about 30 minutes later, as if to prove his point, Colby got up and tore them to pieces for being lapdogs or poodles or whatever dreary canine pejorative is currently in vogue.” (READ MORE)

Kim Priestap: Murtha's Slow Bleed Plan Could Send Lieberman to Republicans “It sounds like Lieberman is making a veiled threat to change parties from Connecticut for Lieberman to Republican, putting the GOP back in control of the Senate, if Murtha's Slow Bleed plan is approved. The Politico has the scoop:” (READ MORE)

The Sundries Shack: The Spanish Connection to 9/11 (or, What the Commission Didn’t Care to Find) “I contended back when it was holding hearings that the 9/11 Commission was pretty much a bureaucratic farce whose job seemed not to be to get at the truth but to do a healthy bit of wallpapering and to lull us all back into a sound September 10th sleep.” (READ MORE)

Baron Bodissey: Imitatio Christi “The other night at the Charlotte Courthouse demonstration I engaged in a lengthy discussion — well, an argument, really — with a Presybterian minister. I’ll call him ‘The Rev’, since I never caught his name. The Rev counts among his friends a number of residents of the Jamaat ul-Fuqra compound in Red House, and he thinks that they are being unfairly maligned when we associate them with terrorism.” (READ MORE)

Blue Crab Boulevard: Fallout “Self-professed enemies of the United States, who call routinely for the downfall of this nation, watch our internal politics and gloat. The theatrical, empty, spineless maneuvering and posturing for political advantage plays out not just at home anymore, but on the world stage even more than it used to. In the age of the internet and satellite news, everything that transpires in Washington is seen, in real time, all over the world.” (READ MORE)

Don Surber: Anti-war Left jumps the Lieberman “Last summer, the anti-war Left decided it would be fun to punish Joe Lieberman for supporting the war. The New York Times ran all these stories about how the blogosphere was taking over politics. To be sure, Lieberman lost the primary. Experts predicted he would drop out once polls showed him down by double-digits.” (READ MORE)

Jules Crittenden: Good News Bad News “Sometimes they make it sound bad when its good. Sometimes they make it sound good when its bad. Sometimes good is good, and bad is bad, but not for the reasons you might think. Good news on Iraq: Senate Democrats are moving to rewrite history, by limiting the Iraq war authorization they voted in 2002. Good news how?” (READ MORE)

Iraq War Today: Today Belongs to the Marines “He was only 17 when, in 1959, he enlisted in the Marine Corps. While stationed in Hawaii with Company E of the 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines, he won the Pacific Division Rifle Championship. He set the Marine Corps record on the "A" Course at Cherry Point with 248 out of a possible 250 points, and won the Wimbledon cup by out-shooting more than 3000 other servicemen in competition in 1965.” (READ MORE)

Chickenhawk Express: 60 Minutes to Air Anti-War Propaganda Piece “CBS and 60 Minutes just can't help themselves. They keep letting their anti-military bias show. Case in point, Lara Logan (not exactly a fan of the military) is doing a piece on 60 Minutes this Sunday about Appeals for Redress. You remember Appeals for Redress? I did a post on them back in October 2006.” (READ MORE)

Dan Riehl: CAIR Reacts To Dose Of KIMO “CAIR has filed a complaint which will likely get a school teacher disciplined, if not fired, for allowing Kamil International Ministries Organization (KIMO) to address some NC high school students on the potential dangers of Islam. The AP defines KIMO as a Christian organization, which it is, but a little elaboration can't hurt. We wouldn't want people to think KIMO is a bunch of Southern rednecks, now would we?” (READ MORE)

Major Z: A Senior NCO takes me to task (not the first time--nor the last, I reckon) “I have absolutely no contempt for NonCommisioned Officers. After all, Dad was one. I have worked with many who embody the first sentence in the NCO creed: "No one is more professional than I." However, I find it in very poor taste when anyone makes personal attacks on me, questions my service and my leadership without basis of fact, and does so in an impolite and speculative manner.” (READ MORE)

Carren Z: What Carren thinks of Senator McCain “Okay, folks. Here's the post Chuck said I owe you. Hopefully your waiting will be worth it and you'll "appreciate" the wait. Here goes... I am not responsible for any cuss words or really pissy comments - I'll try to keep it PG rated. Senator is not a word I would use for McCain. JERK (or asshat, as Chuck usually says) is more like it. When Chuck was in the hospital, Jerk came to "visit" us. A quick story before I tell you what happened:” (READ MORE)

Confederate Yankee: When the Deceptive and Uninformed Attack “The liberal blog The Carpetbagger Report has a post up this morning entitled They don’t even have the right rifles, in which the author laments over National Guard and Army Reserve soldiers being re-deployed without enough time between deployments and without the right equipment.
The post is based upon this article in today's New York Times.” (READ MORE)

Mrs. du Toit: Purging "I normally leave most of the gun and Second Amendment discussions to Kim. I’ve written about the issue, but the volume of posts on the subject on this site don’t compare with the volume of participation on Kim’s site or other related activities, such as the NoR activities. Sometimes it is difficult to write on the subject because you get the feeling that you’ve said all that can be said. It is challenging to find a balance between sounding like a broken record and remembering that people who visit your site may have just found it, and haven’t read everything you’ve written. Allow me to point you to two of my essays on the Second Amendment:" (READ MORE)

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