March 28, 2007

Good News From The Front

Despite what the Mainstream Media would have you believe there is good news every day out of Iraq, Afghanistan the Horn of Africa and everywhere else the War on Terror is taking place.

On Sunday Iraqi and Coalition forces reunite kidnapped victims with families, just another example of Senator Kerry’s terrorists at work.

Also on Sunday the Independent Radio and Television Network officially launched during a ceremony held in the heart of Iraq’s troubled Diyala Province. Rafed Mahmood, IRTN co-founder and general manager, spoke passionately at the event about his commitment to the station and what it meant to him to help spread an independent voice of reconciliation throughout Iraq. Although Mahmood was optimistic in his remarks, he was realistic about the price that must often be paid for freedom; however, he urged those who would work tirelessly toward a free Iraq to not lose heart in the face of adversity.
“Some of us may die,” Mahmood said. “That may be the cost of freedom, but let us not be so afraid of dying that we forget how to live. God gave us life to live; so, let us live.”
Now that is optimism, something that our own Congress could use right now.

Speaking of optimism, every day US and Coalition Forces working alongside Iraqi Army and Police units are taking more terrorists off the street and disrupting their ability to create bombs that are more and more being used against their own people all done by extremists in an effort to reignite violence between people who have lived in peace despite being from different sectarian and ethnic groups.

Even the much maligned Iraqi Army is stepping up and producing results that are cutting into the money making schemes being used by the terrorists.

In Afghanistan US forces are winning the hearts and minds of the populace one school at a time. While the Taliban burns schools US and Coalition Forces work to promote the conditions for a self-sufficient, secure and stable environment. These relationships are paying off especially in Panjshir Province which has become a model of success because of the strength shown by the people living within the valley:
“Panjsheeris are providing the muscle behind security, cultivating a fertile environment for construction projects and humanitarian-aid assistance.”
Now if we could only get some of those good feelings within the halls of Congress and stop using our troops as fodder to attract pork projects.

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