April 16, 2007

Web Reconnaissance for 04/16/2007

A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention.

In the News: (Registration may be required to read some stories)
Caches of nitric acid seized in Baghdad - U.S. troops said yesterday that they had found two large caches of nitric acid -- a highly corrosive substance with chemical weapons potential -- in abandoned houses used by Sunni insurgents in western Baghdad. (READ MORE)

Bush in demand to fill war chests - President Bush may be unpopular inside the Beltway, but to Republicans nationwide, he remains the fundraiser extraordinaire, and he is expected to pull in more than $200 million for Republican candidates by Election Day 2008. (READ MORE)

Cheney bets Democrats will chuck war timetable - Vice President Dick Cheney said he is "willing to bet" that Democrats will acquiesce to the White House's insistence on a supplemental-spending bill for Iraq and Afghanistan that does not include a timetable for withdrawal or binding benchmarks on the Iraq. (READ MORE)

Court ruling on greenhouse gases boosts 'cap and trade' - A recent Supreme Court decision validating efforts to regulate greenhouse gases adds force to proposals in Congress to limit emissions from power plants and factories while allowing them to buy and sell the right to release gases into the atmosphere. (READ MORE)

Clinton's Campaign Has Most In Bank - Sen. Barack Obama raised more money than Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton for their Democratic primary clash during the first three months of the year, but Clinton heads into spring with more in her campaign account than all Republican presidential candidates combined. (READ MORE)

Sadr Aides Say 6 Allies In Cabinet Will Resign - In a move that could further weaken Iraq's fledgling government, six cabinet members loyal to radical Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr will quit their jobs Monday at his behest, officials close to Sadr said Sunday night. (READ MORE)

Wolfowitz Says Won't Resign; Bank Says Concerned - World Bank President Paul D. Wolfowitz said yesterday that he intends to continue in his job despite the controversy over his role in arranging pay raises and promotions for his girlfriend, a bank employee forced by conflict-of-interest rules to take an outside job during his tenure. (READ MORE)

Candidates Still Take Cues From Their Base - Five months after midterm elections that demonstrated the rising power of independent voters, conservative and liberal activists continue to drive the presidential campaign dialogue, deepening the red-blue divisions that have defined national politics for more than a decade. (READ MORE)

From the Front:
Afghanistan JAG: Letters From Home “I am the oldest sibling in my family. I never had a big brother, although I always wanted one. I got my wish when I went to college. College fraternities generally match freshmen pledges with an upperclassman to be their ‘big brother.’ Phi Delta Theta at the University of Tennessee was no exception. For most guys, this is a temporary arrangement that doesn't last beyond graduation. My situation was different. My big brother, Stephen Young of Nashville, was and always has been a friend and mentor to me.” (READ MORE)

Outlaw 13: My Extended Thoughts About Being Extended in Iraq “I found out earlier this week via AFN (Armed Forces Radio Network) (thanks to some WEASEL, who I will discuss below) that I may have to stay in Iraq up to fifteen months instead of the twelve that was usual. As you might imagine the news was disappointing to most if not everyone around here. Philosophically and militarily, I can understand the reasoning behind the move, but it doesn't make it any more palatable to the soldiers that are affected by it.” (READ MORE)

Omar: Rain isn't always drops of water. “I've always had scary experiences with stray bullets falling from the sky. A night of heavy rain and high winds last week knocked down the antenna through which I get my internet connection. The tower (actually it's a 6 meter-long metal pipe with a makeshift base of rusty bars) was hanging between the roof and the back yard and the antenna itself was smashed when it hit a wall. Yesterday I went out and got a new antenna and in the afternoon I was preparing to put things back together and this part is what I particularly hate; it means that I should spend one or two hours on the exposed rooftop.” (READ MORE)

Badger 6: Information Operations “At the risk of engaging in some navel gazing I am going to tackle the subject of military information operations. There seems to be a number of posts circling around the Milblogosphere and I feel like I should chime in. Frankly I am not sure where it started, however like so many discussions of Iraq this one appears to have started out with Michael Yon. He is apparently having challenges again with the embed process. I know the previous MNF-I Public Affairs officer did not consider him a real journalist because he is a blogger.” (READ MORE)

Desert Flier: Another fallen Angel... “The team just walked back to the hospital from lunch. ‘Patient coming in 10 mikes (minutes).’ says one of the Army staff. As we quicken our pace, we ask what happened so we can anticipate what we will need. ‘Not sure, it was a roll-over accident. A Marine.’ We are already at the receiving area, and wait for the patient to arrive.” (READ MORE)

The Calm Before the Sand: The Problem Of Perception “The problem of perception colors how people view this war. This war, regardless of one's personal feelings, is a complex thing. Its history, people, and factions are as diverse as they are dangerous. There are no easy answers or clear-cut truths in this war, and yet people like to behave--especially on both ends of the media--as though there are. I find this disconcerting.” (READ MORE)

On the Web:
Donald Lambro: Democrats fiddle while the world burns “The Democrats who say they're in no rush to approve emergency funding for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, may be digging themselves into a hole in the global war on terrorism.” (READ MORE)

Armstrong Williams: The New Arms Race: Money “It was over a hundred years ago that Ohio political boss and Senator Mark Hanna spoke about the relationship between politics and money. So there's no use longing for the ‘good old days’ when it comes to political fundraising - because there weren't any. Let's not be naïve here, the fact is that politics has always been infested by money. And that's a major problem - money and politics just do not mix, and it is time for their divorce.” (READ MORE)

Dinesh D'Souza: Lessons from Imus “The traditional Muslims were right: I’ve noticed that the Middle Eastern media is treating the Imus story--and how our little scandals travel worldwide!--with a certain degree of relish. And I think I know why.” (READ MORE)

Carol Platt Liebau: Victimization or Courage? “What we should be communicating to the young of all genders and all races is that, as vile and wrong as Imus’ statement may have been, it has no power other than what they choose to give it.” (READ MORE)

Doug Wilson: Mullahs in the Classroom “Estimates about the number of madrassas in Pakistan vary, but we can safely assume that at least 20,000 and perhaps as many as 45,000 currently operate in the country.” (READ MORE)

John Donovan: Teamwork. “One of the appeals of military service, especially in the combat arms, is the sense of team that develops when you train, work, and fight together and do so cohesively, with an absolute trust in your buddies. As an aside, one of the reasons the services are one of the few places left that get all knotted up about adultery is that little corrodes trust and confidence more swiftly than the knowledge that your buddy, your boss, or your subordinate is banging your spouse. Doesn't mean we don't get stupid about it, nor that it is handled consistently - but that's one reason that article is in the UCMJ.” (READ MORE)

Army Wife Toddler Mom: All In The Family “The ‘news’ or ‘leaks’ of extensions this past week has been a hard pill for the military community to swallow. But guess what, everyone continues to do their job. I have been on the receiving end of this sort of news several times now, since this war began. In fact the Spokesperson of the Pentagon "leaked" the information on one occasion. This led to mass confusion here in the State, and instead of my DH being able to do his job, my DH got to work only to find the phone ringing off of the hook on a Monday at 6:00am. And spent about 1 week fielding calls from Guardsmen, Wives, Mothers, Fathers, Employers, and the like, some of those in tears.” (READ MORE)

Bear Creek Ledger: CAIR & Media Matters Hate List “Looks like the Dhimmicrat mouthpiece Media Matters has issued an ‘Enemies List’. Strangely enough all on the list are Conservative Radio Talk show hosts. This all ties into the goal of the Dhimmicrats to silence Talk Radio (which of course is dominated by Conservatives). Prior to 1989 the ‘Fairness Doctrine’ controlled the radio airwaves. The concept was if a radio host had an opinion on a subject that host had to have someone else present the opposing opinion.” (READ MORE)

The Belmont Club: No Dial Tone “It didn't take long. In fact, it didn't take any time at all. Reactions to the rumored death of BBC correspondent Alan Johnston are already rolling in. ITN correspondent Alan Hart says in his blog: ‘There is a case for saying (repeat a case) that the party with most to gain from Alan Johnston's permanent disappearance was Israel. It would not be the first time that Israeli agents had dressed as Arabs to make a hit.’” (READ MORE)

Blue Crab Boulevard: Kos And Effect “Kind of had to happen, didn't it? Some folks on the left side of politics are seeing that the mighty Kos could - to put it mildly - give a darn about them. This is, after all, the guy who infamously said ‘screw them’ about murdered Americans. He's also disaffected supporters who have complained about Kos "Storming the Gates" then pulling them shut behind him.” (READ MORE)

Ed Morrissey: The End Result Of Multiculturalism “Katherine Kersten follows up today on her column last week regarding the installation of foot-washing basins for Muslims at Minneapolis Community Technical College. Kersten digs deeper into the process by which MCTC will modify its facilities to accommodate the requirements of a specific religion, and discovers the less-than-tolerant agenda of the group advising them (via Power Line):” (READ MORE)

Crazy Politico: More On Imus and Duke “When white commentators started taking on Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton over the obvious double standard of their conduct towards the Duke Lacrosse players and Don Imus not much was thought about it. Then Jason Whitlock, a well known black sports commentator called them out. Whitlock has gotten lots of press (Little Miss Chatterbox has a good round up) and is starting to make the talk show rounds to give his side of it. But even he isn't quit as ‘credible’ when it comes to discussing race as Jackson and Sharpton claim to be; mostly be cause he's a sports writer.” (READ MORE)

Dadmanly: The Emperor's Tailor “The newly ascended Democrat majority in Congress have obviously decided to make their fabled “cooked intelligence” trope the centerpiece of their legislative legacy. Senator Carl Levin plays Brother Grimm in their myth-making in the Senate, and shows no sign of having any interest in truth (or full disclosure).” (READ MORE)

Don Surber: Gen. Paul Ehrlich “Seth Borenstein of the AP reported: ‘Global Warming a Security Risk,’ citing a report by retired military types: ‘The report warned that in the next 30 to 40 years there will be wars over water, increased hunger instability from worsening disease and rising sea levels and global warming-induced refugees.’” (READ MORE)

FullosseousFlap’s: Iran Nuclear Watch: Iran To Build Two Additional Bushehr Nuclear Power Plants “A general view of Bushehr nuclear power plant taken from outside its premises at the Iranian port city of Bushehr, 1200 Kms south of Tehran, 03 April 2007. Iran on Sunday announced it is launching a tender for offers to build two new nuclear power stations in the southern city of Bushehr, a top nuclear agency official said.” (READ MORE)

Dymphna: The Jacksonians vs the Wilsonians: Who is to Prevail? “The mythical Conservative Swede has put an essay in the comment section of Compasses Anyone?. It was initially his response over at the Lawrence Auster post Is the Islamic takeover of Europe inevitable? Conservative Swede has it serve double duty as a response to Archonix' remarks in this ‘Compasses’ post at Gates of Vienna (as is often the case, the commenters are often better than the posters - a good dose of the humbles never hurt anyone).” (READ MORE)

Gribbit's Word: Troops Begin To Feel Dems Inaction Tomorrow “According to Sec. Gates, Democratic inaction on sending the President a clean War Supplemental bill will begin to impact our troops in harm’s way tomorrow. The bills that each house passed aren’t even out of conference yet, let alone ready for veto. This tells me one thing, that the Dems are willing to allow our young men & women to die because of lack of funding for their own political gain.” (READ MORE)

Allahpundit: Bloated socialist using 9/11 illnesses to shill for Castro, free health care “If America won’t help them, the revolution will. Best part: He flew them there under a “journalism” exception to the travel ban. Your quote of the day, from the head of a foundation that raises money for people suffering from 9/11 ailments: ‘They got the Elvis treatment.’” (READ MORE)

Marine Historian: Perspective “‘The manner in which objects appear to the eye in respect to their relative positions and distance, one’s mental view of facts, ideas and their interrelationships; the ability to see all the relevant data in a meaningful relationship.’ The importance of perspective has never been as clear to me as it has been since I returned from Iraq and I have watched the version of events there that is portrayed to the American public each day. It is not that the information being conveyed is inaccurate, but rather that it is incomplete.” (READ MORE)

Michelle Malkin: What's so funny about beheading videos? Plus: The latest on BBC reporter Alan Johnston “Saw this at The Jawa Report: ‘One of Britain's best-known writers has been nominated for the National Short Story Prize for a story inspired by watching videos of hostages being murdered by their Islamic captors.’ The writer is Hanif Kureishi. The story is ‘Weddings and Beheadings.’ It's told from the perspective of an Iraqi cameraman employed to tape jihadist beheading videos. Instead of revulsion, horror, or outrage upon viewing terrorist snuff films, Kureishi apparently laughed up a storm.” (READ MORE)

The Middle Ground: On Total War “Following the footsteps of Clausewitz, Mao and a few others who wrote ‘on war,’ we begin our series of discussions with this piece: America, Iraq and The Question of Total War I'll start with the end: ‘Perhaps the message to Mr. Bush, Congress, and the American people should be: If this fight is worth doing, if America truly has an unquestionable moral imperative to win, then wage it with everything you've got. Otherwise, why is America there?’” (READ MORE)

Greyhawk: Betting on defeat “And proud of it: ‘Democrats know they might lose this month's showdown with President Bush on legislation to pull troops out of Iraq. But with 2008 elections in mind, majority Democrats says it is only a matter of time before they will get their way. Senior Democrats are calculating that if they keep the pressure on, eventually more Republicans will jump ship and challenge the president - or lose their seats to Democratic contenders.’” (READ MORE)

Patterico: Democrats Enter Another Time Warp — Before, It Was Carol Lam; This Time, It’s Steven Biskupic “Democrats are bending the time-space continuum again. They did it with Carol Lam, and now they are doing it with Steven Biskupic. Democrats claimed that Carol Lam was targeted for something that she did months after she was initially targeted. Specifically, they claimed that the Administration targeted Carol Lam in January 2005 for an investigation she began months later, relating to a scandal that broke in April 2005.” (READ MORE)

John Hinderaker: The Culture of Corruption “In the Examiner, Charles Hurt reports that the Democrats are losing no time awarding themselves perks, now that they are in the Congressional majority: ‘Congress is keeping Andrews Air Force base plenty busy this year ferrying lawmakers all over the globe at taxpayers' expense. Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi took his wife, nine Democrats and two Republicans - Reps. Dan Lungren of California and Mike Rogers of Alabama - on a whirlwind tour of the Caribbean last week. After stops in Honduras and Mexico, they stopped in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where the delegation stayed at the five-star Caneel Bay resort.’” (READ MORE)

Rhymes with Right: Being The Media Means Never having To Say "We're Sorry" “After all, the major media sought to destroy the Duke lacrosse players accused of rape and sexual assault -- because you know, that's what rich white boys do to black women. And when the case was shown to be built upon a thin tissue of lies and naked political ambition, the same media has been strangely silent about its responsibility -- and in some cases still seeks to question whether these young men are really innocent.” (READ MORE)

ROFASix: Truth about Tour Extensions in Iraq/Afghanistan “When the SecDef announced last week that active duty soldiers would have their tours extended from 12 to 15 months he attributed it to the arcane logic that this was being driven by the need to ‘maintain predictable troop levels.’ It was adroit fence straddling on the part of Secretary Gates. Or as we used to say in the Cav - horse pucky. For some reason Gates had decided to not put the responsibility for the tour extension where it belonged - Congress.” (READ MORE)

RedLegMeg - SpouseBuzz: Letter to a Military Spouse “Yesterday, my mom was in the car and heard the host of a radio talk show on WGN, out of Chicago, read a letter from a listener. She emailed it to me as soon as she could and this is what she wrote: ‘I just wanted to let you know that I am very proud of you and all you do. Mom, Dad, Daughter & Sister - you do them all well and you along with all the military wives who do this should be honored right along with their soldier.’” (READ MORE)

Those Wacky Iraqis: Raoul Wallenberg “How many of you know who he is/was? I admit I did not know a great deal about him but I did know that he single handedly saved the lives of thousands of Hungarian Jews during WWII. He was a Swedish diplomat who issued Swedish passports to anyone who could provide the flimsiest of detail that linked them to Scandanavia.” (READ MORE)

Victor Davis Hanson: The Post-west - A civilization that has become just a dream. “I recently had a dream that British marines fought back, like their forefathers of old, against criminals and pirates. When taken captive, they proved defiant in their silence. When released, they talked to the tabloids with restraint and dignity, and accepted no recompense. I dreamed that a kindred German government, which best knew the wages of appeasement, cut-off all trade credits to the outlaw Iranian mullahs — even as the European Union joined the Americans in refusing commerce with this Holocaust-denying, anti-Semitic, and thuggish regime.” (READ MORE)

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