May 7, 2007

Good News in the War on Terror

U.S. and Coalition Forces are still pressing home the fight against the enemy in Iraq capturing 28 more terrorists in raids on Sunday and Monday throughout the country:
13 Suspected Terrorists Detained
Coalition Forces detained 13 suspected terrorists Sunday during raids targeting al-Qaeda in Iraq, a foreign fighter facilitation network and improvised explosive device networks.

15 Suspected Terrorists Detained
Coalition forces detained 15 suspected terrorists Monday during raids around the country targeting al-Qaeda in Iraq and its senior leaders.
They are also taking away the methods by which the enemy holds sway over the populace when they uncovered a torture room and weapons cache in Sadr City:
Coalition Forces Find Torture Room, Destroy Weapons Cache in Sadr City
Coalition Forces destroyed a torture room, a large cache of weapons and improvised explosive device-making materials Sunday morning while targeting terrorists in Sadr City.
And in the “another bombing that won’t happen and isn’t reported by the MSM office” we hear once again of U.S. troops finding and removing IEDS and VBIEDS before they can be used to murder innocent civilians and our troops:
MND-B Troops Thwart Insurgent Plans; Discover Truck Bomb
Baghdad Soldiers stopped what might have been a costly attack May 4 in the Rashid District of the Iraqi capital’s south side when they discovered and disposed of a large truck bomb.

Paratroopers find 11 IED's
Paratroopers found and destroyed 11 improvised explosive devices emplaced on roads throughout Babil province, south of Baghdad, Thursday night.
In other news that won’t make the front page of any U.S. newspaper we find out that not only are our troops taking the fight to the enemy, they are also increasing their presence in notoriously dangerous areas, like Haifa Street:
Plan in Motion to Restore Haifa Street
U.S. Army Col. Bryan Roberts, commander of the 1st Cavalry Division, 2nd Brigade Combat Team laid out the goals of the "Haifa Street Project" which is an initiative, in cooperation with local leaders, to improve security, essential services and economic opportunities in the area.
Despite the gloom and doom attitude taken by the MSM, Iraq is not all death and destruction, and its important to remember that for every story in the NYT or WP that highlights the danger, there are dozens of stories highlighting the progress we are making in Iraq that never make it to print because the story isn’t sensational enough.

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