May 4, 2007

Web Reconnaissance for 05/04/2007

A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention.

In the News: (Registration may be required to read some stories)
Projectile Bomb Attacks Hit Record High in Iraq - Attacks in Iraq involving lethal weapons that U.S. officials say are made in Iran hit a record high last month, despite efforts to crack down on networks supplying the armor-piercing weapons known as explosively formed projectiles, according to a senior U.S. commander. (READ MORE)

GOP Field United On War, Divided On Social Issues - Republican presidential hopefuls diverged sharply on abortion, stem cells and immigration in their first nationally televised debate Thursday night, with the three leading candidates all forced to defend current or past positions that are anathema to many in the party's... (READ MORE)

House Panel Approves a Record $48 Billion for Spy Agencies - The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence has authorized U.S. intelligence agencies to spend an estimated $48 billion in fiscal 2008, the largest amount ever included in an intelligence bill, thanks to inclusion of funding efforts associated with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. (READ MORE)

Chávez Threatens Takeover Of Banks, Big Steel Producer - President Hugo Chávez on Thursday threatened to nationalize the country's banks and largest steel producer, accusing them of unscrupulous practices. (READ MORE)

Giuliani wary of repeal of Roe - Former New York Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani said last night that he would be "OK" with a Supreme Court repealing Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision that established a constitutional right to abortion. (READ MORE)

Democrats eye limit on war mandate - Senate Democrats switched tactics yesterday in the war debate by proposing an Oct. 11 sunset date for the resolution authorizing the invasion of Iraq, seeking to force President Bush to ask Congress for permission to keep troops in Iraq. (READ MORE)

House GOP hits shift of spy funds to study climate - Senior House Republicans are complaining about Democrats' plans to divert "scarce" intelligence funds to study global warming. (READ MORE)

Syria refuses role in tribunal - No Syrian will participate in an international trial of suspects in the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, a senior foreign ministry official said yesterday. He also warned that Lebanon is on the brink of civil war. (READ MORE)

From the Front:
Sgt Dun: 03 May 2007 “Well, it's been a good day. We had a remote controlled IED downtown hitting an Afghan Army bus and it killed the driver. Yahoo and MSN both had coverage about two hours afterwards. The day was then normal and this evening I went to the French Transfer of Authority. The old French unit has completed their tour here training the ANA and the new unit accepted the mission in a very nice ceremony. Major Chevlet was the LNO I saw every day when he would stop by the office to get any new updates.” (READ MORE)

Desert Flier: Dedication... “‘Two wounded inbound. IED attack’ the Army coordinator says. We go to the OR, turn on the lights, start warming fluids, ensure the oxygen generator is turned on along with the anesthesia machine. After that we wait, always with a mixture of anticipation and anxiety. ‘Headlights coming down the alley’ yells one of the surgeons. Four soldiers quickly unload a casualty off the humvee and run into the trauma bay as we direct foot traffic. I'm standing in casualty receiving and start to follow the patient in when I'm frozen in my tracks:” (READ MORE)

Afghanistan JAG: Humanitarian Mission Accomplished “Today we packed two 7 ton trucks filled from floor to ceiling with boxes of clothes and took them to a village outside Kabul for distribution. One truck was filled entirely of clothes that I collected from around the U.S. The other one was filled with boxes collected by the Alamo commander, COL Lyman. It's hard to describe the size of the interior of a 7 ton truck, and we had two of them filled with large boxes. This was the largest distribution of clothes that I have ever seen. We were able to put shoes, pants, shirts and jackets on over 500 people and size them correctly. That is a massive undertaking.” (READ MORE)

On the Web:
Mike Gallagher: The race-baiters “This week, the headline was particularly galling. It had something to do with a study that suggested that white NBA referees call more fouls on black players than white ones.” (READ MORE)

Burt Prelutsky: What is it with Jews and guns? “The other day, a friend of mine asked me why I thought those on the left hate guns so much. My initial reaction was to acknowledge that I have a tough time getting a handle on anything liberals say or think or do. It all seems wacky to me.” (READ MORE)

Fred Thompson: Images of Oppression “Sometimes, you read or hear something, and an image forms in your mind that just won't go away. For me, one of those images comes from the 2002 news stories about religious police in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, who beat young girls trying to escape a burning school. Because they weren’t wearing headscarves and black robes, 15 innocent girls were locked in a blazing building to burn while firemen watched helplessly.” (READ MORE)

Victor Davis Hanson: Hooked on trivia “To recap just some of what's been going on while we waste our time following spats between Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump:” (READ MORE)

Rich Tucker: Loose language, real wars “Today, we’re in the midst of another long war, but it’s far less clear that we understand what we’re up against. One reason is that journalists no longer give us the information we need to understand what’s going on. In fact, whether or not they intended to, journalists have changed the meaning of the words we ought to be using to describe this conflict.” (READ MORE)

Rebecca Hagelin: The healing of a nation “We are torn by war and politics and government intrusion into virtually every aspect of our lives. We are plagued by terrorism and a level of fiscal irresponsibility that threatens to drown our children and future generations in debt. Our families are disintegrating all around us, while the pop culture bombards our sons and daughters with pornography and messages of violence and hopelessness.” (READ MORE)

Lorie Byrd: Democrats vote to own defeat in Iraq “The Democrats made the final payment this week. They are no longer just partially invested, but now they own defeat in Iraq, going on record with their votes in favor of retreat.” (READ MORE)

Oliver North: Terror, Inc. “This week the State Department published its annual Country Reports on Terrorism. For those who want facts about the radical Islamic jihad being waged against the West, it's fascinating reading.” (READ MORE)

David Limbaugh: Leftist Thought Control “The political left, which holds itself as progressive, rational and fact-based, is becoming an enemy of academic inquiry, and a practitioner of thought control on a wide variety of issues.” (READ MORE)

Charles Krauthammer: The myths of war “In his just-released book and in hawking it on television, Tenet presents himself as a pathetic victim and scapegoat of an administration that was hell-bent on going to war, slam dunk or not.” (READ MORE)

Linda Chavez: Anti-war or Anti-troop? “Now that they have failed to override President Bush's veto of the Iraq war funding bill, maybe Democrats can quit posturing and get down to the hard business of legislating. Democrats knew when they passed legislation setting a timetable for withdrawal of U.S. troops that it would not become law. Now they must negotiate with the White House, a process that began within hours of the president's veto.” (READ MORE).

Mona Charen: The Democrats' Diplomacy Illusion “Speaking on the Senate floor in favor of the supplemental funding bill for the war in Iraq (and salmon fishers, timber counties, woodland firefighting efforts and other projects), Sen. Barbara Boxer implored the president to sign the legislation.” (READ MORE)

John Hawkins: 10 More Differences Between Liberals Are Conservatives “This week, I thought it might be a good idea to point out 10 more issues about which conservatives are right and liberals are wrong.” (READ MORE)

WSJ Review & Outlook: Gagging Shaha Riza “Since the misnamed ‘Wolfowitz scandal’ broke last month, enemies of the World Bank president have engaged in selective press leaks and calculated smears intended to oust him. Most of these leaks have come from within the bank itself, not that we've seen any effort by the institution to stop them.” (READ MORE)

Peggy Noonan: An Incomplete Field “They stood earnestly in a row, combed, primped and prepped, as Nancy Reagan gazed up at them with courteous interest. But behind the hopeful candidates, a dwarfing shadow loomed, a shadow almost palpable in its power to remind Republicans of the days when men were men and the party was united. His power is only increased by his absence. But enough about Fred Thompson.” (READ MORE)

Kimberly Strassel: Blurring the Borders “Let's imagine that over the coming weeks Republicans defy gravity and get behind comprehensive immigration reform. Let's assume it then falls to the new Democratic majority to close a deal. And let's consider the fortunes of Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez. Mr. Gutierrez is the eight-term Democrat who has evolved from bomb-thrower to statesman on the immigration front.” (READ MORE)

Garance Franke-Ruta: Age of Innocence Revisited “Joe Francis, founder of the ‘Girls Gone Wild’ video company, may be 34 years old, but these days he is barely legal. The controversial impresario has built a $100 million soft-core porn empire based on filming college students flashing (mostly) their breasts and (at times) other forbidden zones. He now sits in jail on a 35-day contempt of court sentence. Mr. Francis, who had previously been prosecuted for failing to document the ages of the young women he films, was arrested in April after violating a judge's instruction to peaceably negotiate with seven young women who had filed a civil suit against him.” (READ MORE)

Jay Tea: Copping a Plea “I've always tended to be a ‘reactive’ thinker. Most of the time, I need an outside catalyst to trigger my ideas and insights. And it's usually from reading those with whom I disagree that gives me the vital elements that let me pull things together. Today, I find that both an author at Wizbang Blue and a writer for the Boston Globe have, independently, put forth a similar argument in how to fight the War On Terror -- and in both cases, have helped me crystallize my thoughts on just why they're wrong.” (READ MORE)

Donald Sensing: Olmert out, Netanyahu in? “I mentioned on May 1 that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert would be driven from office because of his government's mismanagement of last summer's Lebanon war, a prediction I first made on Aug. 11. In the August post I also predicted former PM Benjamin Netanyahu would re-assume the office, which in the months since then has seemed like a real long shot. But maybe not any longer.” (READ MORE)

T. F. Boggs: How Much More? “Concerning the recent debate about the Pentagon’s choice to severely limit milblogging I take a stand somewhere between Hugh Hewitt and Joe Carter. Here is why. In WWII the Nazi’s were significantly effective in using propaganda as a tool for the destruction of Europe’s Jews. A common misunderstanding of the Holocaust is that it was perpetrated solely by the Nazis, and they alone are to blame. The fact, however, is that almost everyone in Europe got into the game of killing, or at least took part by deporting their Jews to be killed by the Germans. Why the participation?” (READ MORE)

ShrinkWrapped: Terror and Societal Regression Revisited “The invasion of Iraq and the Rules of Engagement under which our military labored were, perhaps unconsciously, expressly designed to avoid the kind of dehumanization and splitting that can lead to a disastrous Clash of Civilizations. The entire enterprise, attempting to show that Arab Muslims can attain a consensual participatory democracy, was meant to show the Arab world and the Western world that the Arabs are not irredeemably and monolithically lost as members of the modern world. If General Petraeus and the Iraqi leadership can create a semblance of such a political culture, the kinds of regressive thinking that pronounces "a pox on them all" can be constrained.” (READ MORE)

Rick Moran: Suffering By Comparison “As I watched the gaggle of Republican Presidential pretenders (for the most part – there are two who I could see with their hand on the bible taking the oath on the Capitol steps in January, 2009), I was struck by how truly bereft the GOP is of political talent at the national level. The Governator seems hefty but, of course, can’t run because of that codicil in the Constitution that prevents Austrian-born body builders from becoming President. Still, there’s no doubting his talent for governance, having gone from novice to expert in just a matter of years while receiving high marks for many of his programs. And if a Republican is elected, they should absolutely find a place in their Administration to utilize Arnold’s considerable and varied talents.” (READ MORE)

Paul Mirengoff: The Real Dana Milbank Resurfaces “When I cancelled my subscription to the Washington Post in 2004, the woman on the other end of the phone asked me, as she was required to do, what my reason was. I responded, "Dana Milbank." Milbank's abominable coverage of President Bush wasn't my only reason, of course, but it pretty much captured the problem. These days, I wouldn't cite Milbank. He's left the Whitee House beat and set up shop on page 2 where he produces "human comedy" style reporting in which he takes mostly deft shots at politicians from both parties, though more Republicans than Democrats.” (READ MORE)

Bull Nav: I Am Speechless “As a general rule, I am not so politically inclined. My training (college, the Navy, my job) is engineering. I have not studied politics extensively, such as for a degree program, but I do my best to stay informed. However, when a congressman or senator does something that...something that...well, words escape me. I guess ‘incredulous’ could best describe my reaction.” (READ MORE)

Michelle Malkin: Meanwhile, the Dems raise their hands... “ complete and total surrender. Hoping to shake the Code Pinkos, Hillary Clinton elbows her way out front: ‘Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., said in the Senate Thursday she and Sen. Robert Byrd, D-W.Va., will introduce legislation to end authority for the war in Iraq.’ The sunset date: Oct. 11, 2007.” (READ MORE)

Amy Proctor: Iraq Opposes Troop Withdrawal; Parliament Will Not Recess “Bottom Line Up Front: Iraq’s official policy does not support the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq, siding with President Bush over the Democrats. At the Iraq Summit in Egypt today in which Iraq met with its neighbors and U.S. Secretary of State Condi Rice, Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari spoke with CNN this morning.” (READ MORE)

See-Dubya: Dem lawmakers:retask the CIA to study Global Warming “Democratic leadership on the real national security threat: ‘Senior House Republicans are complaining about Democrats’ plans to divert “scarce” intelligence funds to study global warming. The House next week will consider the Democrat-crafted Intelligence Authorization bill, which includes a provision directing an assessment of the effects that climate change has on national security.’” (READ MORE)

Baron Bodissey: Conversations With Fjordman “Over the last two years Gates of Vienna has gradually become more Eurocentric than would be expected of an average American blog. A certain well-known lefty blog — I won’t stoop to name or link it here — has referred to us as ‘the Eurotrash version of LGF’. And with good reason. Who could disagree?” (READ MORE)

Bill Roggio: The Sunni Awakening “The Anbar Salvation Council, the group of tribal leaders and former Sunni insurgents, continues to expand its base of support in the Sunni community both inside Anbar province, and beyond. Sam Dagher of the Christian Science Monitor reports on a major development in Anbar province. The Anbar Salvation Council, led by Sheikh Abdul Sattar Abu Rishawi, has turned the Albu Fahd tribe against al Qaeda. The Albu Fahd was one of the six original Anbari tribes to support al Qaeda and its Islamic State in Iraq. These six tribes are known in some military intelligence circles as the "Sinister Six". The Albu Fahd [described as the Bu-Fahed] has now joined the Anbar Salvation Council and pledged to throw its weight behind the fight against al Qaeda.” (READ MORE)

Flopping Aces: The Macarthur Park Incident “I've been getting some emails for my thoughts on the Macarthur Park incident in which the LAPD used force to disperse a crowd that was pelting them with ROCKS AND BOTTLES. I capitalized those three words, ROCKS AND BOTTLES, so you wouldn't miss them. You see, ROCKS AND BOTTLES, were being thrown at the police before and after a dispersal order was given. It's really simple. When we are attacked we WILL respond with appropriate force, and from every video I have seen that force used was appropriate.” (READ MORE)

Confederate Yankee: Murtha's Mangled Memory “Is anti-war Democrat Congressman John Murtha (D-PA) beginning to show signs of memory loss? As reported yesterday on the liberal Think Progress, Murtha said the following in an exchange with Chris Matthews in an exchange with Chris Matthews on MCNBC's Hardball (my bold):” (READ MORE)

Ed Morrissey: Novak's Despicable Column “Robert Novak has a long career in punditry, so perhaps he has written a more despicable column than today's effort to link Mitt Romney to a massacre -- in 1857. Novak uses the release of a film that depicts the early Western atrocity conducted by Mormons on a band of travelers that coincidentally happened on September 11th, 150 years ago:” (READ MORE)

Blue Crab Boulevard: Ouch “The Las Vegas Review-Journal, fresh off its editorial comparing Harry Reid to Bozo the Clown positively drops the hammer on Reid, Pelosi and the Democrat's transparent political stunt theater. I continue to point out that the media is increasingly angry with the Democratic "leadership" in Congress and their headlong rush to the left.” (READ MORE)

Uncle Jimbo: Why Democrats can't end the war “If there is one thing the Democrat's leadership can all agree on it's that they want to "end" the war, maybe by redeploying to Okinawa, maybe just packing up and leaving the Iraqis to slaughter each other, but end it they will.” (READ MORE)

The Belmont Club: There's Too Many of Them, Boss! “The Counterterrorism Blog shows why MI-5, so effective against the IRA, was hard pressed to stop the Islamic London Tube bombers. ‘This is a social network graph for 7/7 bombing leader Mohammed Siddique Khan - represented by the green node ... The graph is incomplete but it gives some sense of the role the U.K. has played as a theater of al-Qaeda's operations. ... No matter how ably MI-5 disrupts plots, political decisions that permitted radical Islamists networks to flourish in Britain guaranteed that they would be overwhelmed.’” (READ MORE)

John Donovan: The New OPSEC regulation. “I'll start with my BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front): My senior PAO buddy provided for me that which is the ‘quotation of the rotation.’ ‘The funniest quote I've seen so far is some specialist in today's Stars/Stripes who basically said, if the Army plans on enforcing this like they enforce height and weight standards, then I'm not that worried.’” (READ MORE)

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