September 7, 2007

There is Always a Silver Lining

Blogging will resume this afternoon with the Web Recon since I just spent the morning at our wonderful State Motor Vehicle Administration office renewing my driver's license.

What should have been a simple 15 minute visit dragged on for a while since our wonderful state reps are unable to do their jobs correctly, and by that I don't mean the worker bees at the office, who were pleasant and knowledgeable throughout the ordeal, I mean the computer techs on the back end who are unable to make simple updates to the system that should allow a renewal to speed through the system.

The problem: I am a former Commercial Driver's License (CDL) with HazMat endorsement holder. With my last renewal I had left the job that required me to hold a CDL and since the fire department does not require me to have a CDL to drive, I dropped the CDL and endorsements from my license. For that to happen I spent 45 minutes sitting at a desk with a technician having the CDL converted back to a standard license.

Today when I went in to renew my standard license, you guessed it, 5 years later the state still thinks I have a CDL. I'm not surprised, when I originally received the CDL it took the state over a year to update the records to show that I was not a standard license holder. Had I not moved in that time period and had been required, by law as a CDL holder, to get a new license with my correct address on it I would have never known there was a problem.

I guess I should be least I wasn't in the line to take a driver's test.

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