October 6, 2007


The boys and I spent the morning at the 2007 SASS NE Regional Cowboy Match (The Mason-Dixon Stampede at the Thurmont Sportsman's and Conservation Club. Its was the bnoys first introduction to a shooting match and I think they might be hooked. The wife told me last night that I have to wait five years before I take up any new hobbies like this.

A few of the sights...

A few parting words:

"I do not shoot skeet, but I am vitally interested in the freedom of sjeet shooters to enjoy their sport. I do not huntwoodchuck, but I am vitally interested in the right of chuck hunters to take to the field. I do not shoot in ISU competition, but I am vitally interested in the continuance of formal target shooting. Perhaps more pungently, I have little interest in hand-held automatic weapons, but I deeply resent the effort on the part of some lawmakers to paint full-autmatic fire as some sort of sin.

To the degree that we perpetuate the position, 'This is a sporting firearm, that is a weapon,' we work to destroy ourselves.

As our civilization urbanizes, and more and more of our young people never set foot off pavement, much less clean a fish, we can no longer take for granted tht our youth naturally and automatically understand the traditions which gave us this country, and which we must amintain if we wish to keep it. Those traditins must be passed on to the young, and they may not be divided up into so many compartments that we shooters can no longer tell out friends from foes.

These may be differnet breeds, but they are united by a common interedt, and only by understanding that tehy are of one brotherhood will it be possible for us to survive in a world in which the image of a shooter is becoming suspect." - Jeff Cooper

"These words from 20 years ago still ring true in our ears, now, more than ever. Hold out your hand in friendsip for your fellow shootere even if, perhaps especially if, his sport is not your sport." - Bill Allred www.mpsa.net

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