October 5, 2007

Web Reconnaissance for 10/05/2007

A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the day...so check back often.

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Congress Seeks Secret Memos On Interrogation - Democratic lawmakers assailed the Justice Department yesterday for issuing secret memos that authorized harsh CIA interrogation techniques, demanding that the Bush administration turn over the documents. But officials refused and said the tactics did not violate anti-torture laws. (READ MORE)

Means Test Sought for Medicare Drug Plan - The Bush administration is advancing a proposal to levy higher premiums and deductibles on upper-income seniors enrolled in Medicare's new prescription drug benefit, raising fees on beneficiaries with incomes over about $80,000 a year, administration officials said yesterday. (READ MORE)

Blackwater Faulted In Military Reports From Shooting Scene - BAGHDAD, Oct. 4 -- U.S. military reports from the scene of the Sept. 16 shooting incident involving the security firm Blackwater USA indicate that its guards opened fire without provocation and used excessive force against Iraqi civilians, according to a senior U.S. military official. (READ MORE)

Reduced Charges Urged in Iraq Case - A Marine Corps investigating officer has recommended that the squad leader of a group of Marines who killed two dozen civilians in Haditha, Iraq, face charges of negligent homicide instead of murder, after concluding that he did not demonstrate criminal intent. (READ MORE)

Hillary: Bush at 'war' With Science - Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton yesterday accused President Bush of being at war with science and said that if she is elected, she would sign an executive order rescinding the ban on embryonic stem-cell research. The New York Democrat accused Mr. Bush of "muzzling" scientists who gave grim climate-change reports. (READ MORE)

Liberals Slam Hillary Over Dodge Tactics - Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has been criticized this past week for her evasiveness, dodginess, weasel words and shady connections — not only by her conservative critics but by liberal columnists and reporters. (READ MORE)

Iraqi Judge Tells Hill of Corrupt Politicians - Corrupt Iraqi politicians are funneling money to armed militias who support their parties while getting immunity from prosecution, U.S. officials and an Iraqi judge told lawmakers yesterday. Some of those trying to fight the wrongdoing, or their relatives, have been tortured and killed, they said. (READ MORE)

Religious Right Aims 'to hurt' GOP - Religious conservative leaders say they don't expect to win if they carry through with preparations to run their own presidential candidate next year. (READ MORE)

From the Front:
Bill Roggio: US kills 25 Special Groups fighters in Diyala - Coalition special operations forces continue to attack the Iranian-backed Special Groups operating inside Iraq with the same ferocity as it attacks al Qaeda. Twenty-five Special Groups fighters were killed during an engagement northwest of Baqubah this morning during a raid on a Special Groups leader. Coalition forces called in an airstrike on a building after taking “heavy fire from a group of armed men fighting from defensive positions.” Special Groups fighters attacked Coalition forces with AK-47s and RPGs, and spotted what appeared to be a fighter “carrying what appeared to be an anti-aircraft weapon.” At least 25 terrorists are believed to have been killed in the airstrike. The engagement took place in a village near Khalis, a US military officer told The Long War Journal. (READ MORE)

W. Thomas Smith Jr.: With the Commander of the National Police - BEIRUT (Headquarters of Lebanon's Interior Security Forces) – Had tea this afternoon with Maj. Gen. Achraf Rifi, the commanding general of Lebanon's national police forces, the Interior Security Forces (ISF). Spoke at length about his country's internal security problems — who's responsible for the assassinations, etc. — as well as the ISF's counterterrorism capabilities (which we'll discuss in detail here at NRO). (READ MORE)

Sgt Hook: The Mesopotamian 6k - I awoke early this morning, donned my running shoes and headed out for a little jog across the desert. The sky was still dark, the air cool and the traffic very light on the FOB. My mind wandered as I made my way over the flat, dusty land where arose the dawn of human recorded history, as the sun peaked above the horizon in front of me. I was very aware that my feet were pounding upon ancient land, beneath Anu, the Sumerian god of sky. A sky now busy with helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles and cargo planes as they take part in making history in a place already rich in history. I thought about the patrol I had been on the other day and wondered how the early days of civilization in this place, Mesopotamia, compared to today’s Iraq. (READ MORE)

On the Web:
WSJ Review & outlook: Blackwater's Backwash - Defense Secretary Robert Gates has said that military contractor Blackwater's presence in the Iraq region is irreplaceable. General David Petraeus has called the armed support key to defeating the counterinsurgency. So what exactly is the problem that has dominated Washington the last week? With no negative stone about Iraq left unturned, we take it as self-evident that if Blackwater's soldiers were committing widespread abuses, the story would have been on the front page of every newspaper long ago. (READ MORE)

Peggy Noonan: The Trance - Barack Obama has a great thinking look. I mean the look he gets on his face when he's thinking, not the look he presents in debate, where they all control their faces knowing they may be in the reaction shot and fearing they'll look shrewd and clever, as opposed to open and strong. I mean the look he gets in an interview or conversation when he's listening and not conscious of his expression. It's a very present look. He seems more in the moment than handling the moment. I've noticed this the past few months, since he entered the national stage. I wonder if I'm watching him more closely than his fellow Democrats are. (READ MORE)

Stephen Moore: GOP Tax Dilemma - A few weeks ago Republican leaders gathered on Capitol Hill to hear from their top pollsters and pundits about how they can win back the votes of independent voters. Some of the attendees are still in a state of cardiac arrest over what they learned. America's swing voters, especially the suburban "security moms," who abandoned the GOP in droves in 2006 still hold Republicans in very low regard. What has party tacticians especially spooked is that these independents are apparently not much attracted to what the Republicans are saying about taxes. That's a bitter pill for party leaders to swallow, because for 25 years the anti-tax banner has been a political trump card for conservative candidates. A top strategist at the Republican National Committee who attended the meeting told me: "Our tax message has worn thin." (READ MORE)

Charles Krauthammer: Sputnik's Impact on American Technology - WASHINGTON -- Fifty years ago this week, America was shaken out of technological complacency by a beeping 180-pound aluminum ball orbiting overhead. Sputnik was a shock because we had always assumed that Russia was nothing but a big, lumbering and all-brawn bear. He could wear down the Nazis and produce mountains of steel but had none of our savvy or sophistication. Then one day we wake up and he beats us into space, placing overhead the first satellite to orbit the Earth since God placed the moon where it could give us lovely sailing tides. (READ MORE)

Paul Greenberg: Minds Running in Idle - Alexander Kuzmin, the young can-do mayor of an oil town in Siberia, has barred his staff from using certain phrases. They’re the kind that have become the bane of citizens who have to deal with bureaucrats anywhere. For example: “I don’t know,” “I can’t,” and “It’s not my job.” Plus a dozen or so others. They’ll be familiar to anyone who’s had to deal with bureaucrats in this country, too. Or at least their lackluster spirit will be. There’s that old standby, “We’ll get back to you.” And my own personal favorite: “I just work here.” (READ MORE)

David Limbaugh: Actual Malice - My brother Rush has nothing for which to apologize concerning the left's maliciously manufactured "phony soldier" scandal. He said nothing wrong and his accusers know it. There is no gray area here. Rush is fraudulently accused of calling soldiers who oppose the Iraq war "phony soldiers." On his September 26 show, he referred to men, like Jesse MacBeth, who lied about their service in Iraq and went on to impugn the service of those who actually have served there as "phony soldiers." (READ MORE)

John Hawkins: The Conservative Case Against Mitt Romney - Mitt Romney is charismatic, an excellent fundraiser, and a man who can genuinely claim to be an outsider in a year when the American people are sick to death of politics as usual in Washington. Additionally, Mitt has an excellent political strategy for 2008, one that catapulted John Kerry to victory in 2004: win Iowa, win New Hampshire and then rely on the momentum of those two early victories to act as a slingshot to victory. (READ MORE)

Oliver North: Tanker Troubles - WASHINGTON -- Rep. Henry Waxman, chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform purports to be concerned about transparency and accountability in government contracting. It sounds great, but from all indications, this is just a public relations gimmick to justify going after American companies in the midst of a war. This week, the liberal California congressman took Blackwater USA CEO Erik Prince to task over how the North Carolina-based company has carried out its State Department contracts in Iraq. The day after Prince testified, one of his civilian-piloted helicopters skillfully landed in a Baghdad street to medevac Poland's ambassador to Iraq, Edward Pietrzyk, after he was wounded by the blast of a roadside bomb. (READ MORE)

Paul Weyrich: Earmarks and Congressional Corruption - Amidst all of the recent moral and ethical corruption scandals in Congress comes news of what appears to be even more patently dishonest behavior. Representative John “Jack” Murtha (D-PA) holds one of the most powerful positions in the House of Representatives, Chairman of the House Appropriations Defense Subcommittee. As such, he controls enormous amounts of taxpayer dollars and can distribute them to whom he pleases under the appropriations system Congress uses to fund projects in Congressional districts. And whom, specifically, does it please Murtha to reward with earmarks? Why, his political donors, of course! (READ MORE)

Chris Taylor: The Blackwater Bandwagon - Blackwater USA, the private security firm that has been publicly castigated without the benefit of a completed investigation regarding the Sept. 16 shooting incident in Iraq is responsible for safely moving diplomats, visiting government officials, members of Congress, and others through the dangerous streets of Baghdad and beyond. Ironically, Blackwater has protected some of its greatest critics from harm. Not surprisingly, the tone for this recent public flogging was set when immediately following the incident the Iraqi Ministry of Interior (MoI) accused Blackwater of firing first. (READ MORE)

John Boehner: Looming Entitlement Tsunami Threatens America's Health Care Freedom - Every day millions of Americans reap the benefits of having the best health system in the world. We have the most skilled specialists, doctors, nurses, and medical technicians available to us, usually within a short distance. Americans are living longer, healthier lives as a result of the sophisticated, patient-focused, competition-based health system that has emerged in our country since the advent of medical science and technology. Yet with all of its success, there are clear threats to the system’s long term financial sustainability and the health care freedom Americans enjoy. The federal government faces a tsunami of debt and deficit caused by the explosion of promised benefits that—if left unchecked—will swallow up all other government spending. The time for dealing with these threats is upon us. The solutions need to start now. (READ MORE)

Victor Davis Hanson: Charge It! America - President Bush’s current approval ratings are about 32 percent. Only one in four Americans approves of the Democratic-controlled Congress. So why are we so upset with our political leadership? Despite the housing slump, it is not the worst of times. After all, the economy is still strong, with low inflation, low unemployment, low interest rates and respectable growth. The Iraqi war remains unpopular, but good news has emerged recently about the surge and Iraqis joining Americans against the terrorists. We haven’t had another 9/11, and the Europeans — especially France and Germany — seem far friendlier. (READ MORE)

Nick Nichols: CSR: A Left-Wing Conspiracy Dressed Up As A Right-Wing Conspiracy? - I am an unabashed fan of President Calvin Coolidge because he was not afraid to say that, “the business of America is business.” He should have added that the business of business is to maximize profits because lately, many corporate executives have lost sight of that fundamental principle. Like lemmings marching toward a nearby cliff, many business leaders are blindly embracing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the doctrine du jour of activist nannies who are seeking to usurp political authority by setting themselves up as private regulators – all for the purpose of dictating how the rest of us live our lives. (READ MORE)

Allahpundit: (Video) Serious newsman tackles serious news issue - We start the day with “hard news” of the sort Document Dan always prided himself on delivering. This 20-minute dreamscape explains why it took him 44 years to start railing against the stranglehold of monied corporate interests on journalism: until recently, he had more important things to worry about. (READ MORE)

Bryan Preston: Torture memos: Democrats politicizing the war, again - Another day, another political football. “Senate and House Democrats demanded Thursday to see two secret memos that reportedly authorize painful interrogation tactics against terror suspects — despite the Bush administration’s insistence that it has not violated U.S. anti-torture laws.” What I can’t figure out is why anyone anywhere should have any confidence in anything that Sen. Rockefeller says. He has been operating right along the lines of a Democrat Intelligence Committee memo that surfaced way back in 2003. (READ MORE)

Baron Bodissey: You’re Innocent if You’re a Muslim - There’s been a lot of talk recently about the “Islam is Peace” public relations campaign which is being waged vigorously across various media in the UK. It is a well-funded and slickly-produced initiative designed to induce acceptance of British Muslims and counteract the “negative stereotypes” about Islam that have become so unfortunately prevalent since the 9-11 and 7-7 attacks. (READ MORE)

Don Surber: AWOL Edwards - From her $25 million glass mansion, Elizabeth Edwards decided to throw a stone at Rush Limbaugh. She said: “My classmates went to Vietnam, he did not. He was 4F. He had a medical disability, the same medical disability that probably should have stopped him from spending a lifetime in a radio announcer’s chair…” Well actually, Limbaugh has had some medical problems, which led to an addiction to pain medications. But I am no doctor, and neither is Mrs. Edwards. If military service is so important for broadcasters, should it not be for presidential candidates? (READ MORE)

Confederate Yankee: (VIDEO) Blackwater Chopper Evacs Polish Ambassador after IED Attack - Via LiveLeak.com, those are Blackwater USA personnel evacuating the wounded Polish ambassador to Iraq after his convoy was hit by at least two IEDs. Polish security guard, Bartosz Orzechowski and an unnamed Iraqi civilian died in the attack. Blackwater didn't fire a shot during this mission, as shocking as that may be to some. It is one of at least 15,805 Blackwater USA missions where shots were not fired. I'm not justifying prior behavior, just attempting to point out the behavior that is more typical. (READ MORE)

Ed Morrissey: I Guess Children Should Be Seen And Not Heard - That seems to be the operating philosophy of Bush Derangement Syndrome sufferers in Lancaster County, PA. When George Bush passed through for a visit on Wednesday, workers from a local day-care center led three dozen children in singing songs to greet the President as he arrived. That set off the BDS contingent, who made sure no one heard the children singing: (READ MORE)

Richard Landes: Fallows Comments on Al Durah: Insights into Why the Story has taken so long to break - James Fallows’ piece on the Al Durah Affair was the first clue I had to the problem. After I did a fair amount of work and had an initial version of Pallywood, I showed it to him and Gabi Weimann in Washington. He seemed convinced and confessed to me that the reason he hadn’t believed it was staged was for the reasons he cites below in this article. In other words, his basic “take” on this has not changed despite the subsequent evidence of extensive (and undetected) faking that he has either seen (with me) or not noticed (e.g., the interview with Leconte and Jeambar). Below is Fallows’ latest comments, and my responses. If this seems like déjà-vu all over again, it’s because it is. (READ MORE)

Jay Tea: Liberal Child Abuse - Several recent events of late have appalled me as I see politicians -- especially those on the left -- hiding behind children to further their political agenda. A couple of them revolve around President Bush's veto of the massive expansion of the S-CHIP program. Instead of trying to make their case for upping the kids potentially covered by 50% and raised the cost by $35 billion dollars in a rational manner, they trotted out the kiddies to mouth empty platitudes and make hollow gestures. They had a 12-year-old boy "rebut" Bush's weekly radio address, and last week they had a bunch of kids pulling red wagons (presumably NOT "Made In China" with lead-based paint, but one can never be too sure these days) full of petitions signed by kids asking Bush to reconsider his veto. (READ MORE)

Ace of Spades: Ho-Hum, Army and Marines Exceed Yearly Recruiting Goals - Something tells me this would have been a bigger story if the Army and Marines had failed to meet their Fiscal Year 2007 recruiting goals. I guess the fact that young men and women continue to volunteer to serve their country in a time of war isn’t a big story after all. Or maybe it’s just that this type of news fails the most important test ‘the deciders’ in the MSM subject every story to…does this news help or hurt Democrats? (READ MORE)

Jim Addison: One strange man, one strange vote - On Tuesday, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed HR 203, a Resolution Condemning the persecution of labor rights advocates in Iran. The dictatorial regime of the mad mullahs has been arresting labor leaders without legal charge or trial, so the resolution was a no-brainer and passed 418-1, with 12 not voting and 1 voting "Present." Now, I don't fault the non-voters. It was a resolution, not legislation; it was certain to pass by a landslide and will have little direct effect on the behavior of the Iranian regime. Some members are always either out of town, or sick, or engaged in other public business for such votes, and I don't blame them at all. (READ MORE)

Orin Kerr: More on Obama and the Flag Pin - Eugene suggests below that Barack Obama's decision not to wear an American flag pin is a bad move because "[t]he American people want a President who loves their country and who expresses that love, at an emotional as well as an intellectual level." I am not an expert in political campaigns, but I have a different take. First, it seems to me that Obama isn't trying to win the votes of "the American people" right now. He's trying to win the Democratic nomination, and presently he is pretty far behind the leading candidate Hillary Clinton. Given that, Obama's decision not to wear the pin strikes me as either irrelevant or rather shrewd. (READ MORE)

McQ: Overreacting and overreaching - Anyone else notice how lately the Dems seem to overreact and overreach on things? I'm sure Reps do it too, but not to the extent I've seen Dems do it lately. That may all change if we see a Democrat in the White House. We'll see. But right now it seems the Dems hold the lead in the field of overreaching and overreacting. It's like they don't know how to make a point and then, forgive me, "move on". And speaking of lately, this Limbaugh thing has been going on for what, 8 days now? It has sucked the air out of everything to include the big battle the Dems were trying to mount on SCHIP and we've hardly heard Iraq mentioned except in relation to the kerfuffle. 8 days and still going. Seem an overkill to you? (READ MORE)

Wolf Pangloss: Question their Patriotism: Nearly 1 in 5 Democrats Say World Will Be Better Off if U.S. Loses War - Dana Blanton lays the ugly truth of rampant anti-Americanism out in plain sight. “NEW YORK — Nearly one out of every five Democrats thinks the world will be better off if America loses the war in Iraq, according to the FOX News Opinion Dynamics Poll released Thursday. The percentage of Democrats (19 percent) who believe that is nearly four times the number of Republicans (5 percent) who gave the same answer. Seven percent of independents said the world would be better off if the U.S. lost the war.” The time to question their patriotism is over. Wishing for their own country to lose a war has got to be the dictionary antonym of patriotism. To carry the anti-Patriotism theme a little further, in an interview released today Barack Obama stated he decided to take his American flag lapel pin off in order to make an anti-Iraq-war statement. (READ MORE)

Ron Winter: Wannabe Harkin and Gutless Reid's Attack on Limbaugh, Diversion for "Veterans Disarmament Act?" - When the full might of the American military is unleashed, you can bet the farm on a positive outcome for America. That is not false pride or overt patriotism speaking, that is a simple fact, and the rest of the world knows it as well as we do. The only reason we are in a war with terrorists and listening to a bunch of crap from resurgent communists in Russia, Cuba, China and South America is because communist collaborators and infiltrators wormed their way into Congress, the White House and the media between the 30s and the 70s. Together they forced a withdrawal from Vietnam when the war was won, and refused to intercede to stop the slaughter of millions of innocents by the communists after the fall of South Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Thus the United States government was and is seen as a bunch of weak kneed, simpering courtiers who will cower at the first sign of trouble. (READ MORE)

Armed Liberal: You've Got To Be Kidding Me - Yglesias has his response on patriotism up at the Atlantic, and I'm wondering if he can get some of his Harvard money back. Patriotism is - wait for it - just like being a Knicks fan. There are good Knicks fans, and bad ones. “The attitude toward America that conservatives like to champion is like this latter batch of Knicks fans -- not people animated by a special concern for our fellow-citizens and a special appreciation for our country's virtues, but by a deep emotional investment in a certain kind of national hagiography and myth-making.” The patriotism = fanboy equivalence is one that's often made by people who don't believe - or know - much in patriotism. (READ MORE)

The Tygrrrr Express: Ideological Bigotry Part VIII–Search and Destroy - The ends now justify the means. For the sake of the common good, it is permissible to lie in the name of a higher truth. Slander and libel are necessary if it leads to a better world. No, I have not become a liberal. I just borrowed page one from their life playbook. The next time one of them stands up and says that the politics of personal destruction come to an end, I will simply reply, “You are a liberal. You are the politics of personal destruction.” To hell with comity. It doesn’t work. It’s pointless. Liberals despise conservatives with a ferocity that conservatives reserve for Al Queda. I have disagreed with many liberals, but my column has never despised them. I want to defeat them at the ballot box. I do not want to destroy them personally. This is where we differ. (READ MORE)

William Teach: TB Friday Featuring The Surrender Monkey: Obama Won’t Wear Flag Pin - Happy Friday to all! It’s that time of the week again! Do you have an interesting post you want to share with everyone? The official Surrender Monkey of the Democratic Party says to do what the Lefties don’t, since they all have the same talking points: link it. Yes, B. Hussein Obama has now truly surrendered to the Nutroots, the left wing lunatics, the leftards, if you will. How So? “Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama says he doesn’t wear an American flag lapel pin because it has become a substitute for ‘‘true patriotism’’ since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Asked about it Wednesday in an interview with KCRG-TV in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the Illinois senator said he stopped wearing the pin shortly after the attacks and instead hoped to show his patriotism by explaining his ideas to citizens.” (READ MORE)

Rhymes with Right: Why I Oppose A War Surtax - Left-wing columnist EJ Dionne comes out in favor of the DOA proposal to impose a surtax to pay for the war in Iraq. “Would conservatives and Republicans support the war in Iraq if they had to pay for it? That is the immensely useful question that Rep. David Obey (D-Wis.), chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, put on the table this week by calling for a temporary war tax to cover President Bush's request for $145 billion in supplemental spending for Iraq.” Uh, Mr. Dionne, we already are paying for it. Unlike large parts of the Democrat constituency, we actually do pay taxes. (READ MORE)

Missiles and Stilettos: If we no longer respect our fighting men and women, the future of Britain itself is in peril by Col Jorge Mendonca - Just imagine that you are a British soldier returning from a tour of duty in Iraq or Afghanistan. For the past few months, you have been putting your life on the line for your country. Every day, you have faced the risk of death from bomb and bullet. As you arrive back in Britain, you feel a mixture of relief, exhaustion and pride in your service. Yet your return seems at best to be a matter of supreme indifference to the public. There are no crowds at the airport, nor any large parades. You are expected to disappear quietly from view, so that the country can concentrate on important issues like Pete Doherty's drug rehabilitation programme or the next winner of ITV's The X Factor. (READ MORE)

Ian Schwartz: Chris Matthews: Bush Admin Has Finally Been ‘Caught In Their Criminality’ - We all know Chris Matthews dislikes Bush and absolutely hate Cheney, so it should come as no surprise that he went on tirade against this administration: “The Clinton camp, he said, never put pressure on his bosses to silence him. ‘Not so this crowd,; he added, explaining that Bush White House officials — especially those from Vice President Cheney’s office — called MSNBC brass to complain about the content of his show and attempted to influence its editorial content. ‘They will not silence me!’ Matthews declared. ‘They’ve finally been caught in their criminality,’ Matthews continued, although he did not specify the exact criminal behavior to which he referred.” (READ MORE)

Democracy Project: Haditha Is Final, Except For Justice For Murtha - When Haditha accusations were hurled at the Marine squad, Marines and the Army in general, and the United States, it was repeatedly headlined across the U.S. and world media. Since the latest striking down of the charges against SSgt Wuterich, along with those against the other Marines in his squad, there’s been some back-page reporting but no headlines. Only a few pieces showed up on Memeorandum, not prominently. (READ MORE)

Blue Crab Boulevard: Code Pink Suppress - Code Pink has targeted a US Marine recruiting center in Berkeley, California for defacement. They are calling the Marine officer in charge of the office, Captain Richard Lund, a traitor. “(CBS) BERKELEY Marine Captain Richard Lund recruits college students and graduates as candidates for officer positions in the marines. But carrying out that job in Berkeley is not always an easy task. He has listened to a variety of complaints from members of the anti-war group Code Pink in recent weeks.” (READ MORE)

Lawhawk: Ahmadinejad and Iranians Again Call For Israel's Destruction - Ahmadinejad is fascinated and focused intently on Israel's right to exist. Actually, he seeks its destruction in every way shape or form. Relocate, remove, and destroy. That's his mantra, and the Iranians dutifully protest and demonstrate with banners calling for Israel's destruction. Israel's existence is a threat to human dignity? Sorry, but unless you think that Palestinians who toss fellow Palestinians off rooftops because they're not sufficiently Islamist enough is the mark of human dignity, then pushing the Palestinian agenda and seeking Israel's destruction is not a threat to human dignity. (READ MORE)

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