November 28, 2007

Operation Love From Home - Update

Folks, I've been terribly remiss in not pushing this this year, but Kat in Ga sends us an update on her current Christmas Card drive.

Current Update on our 2007 Christmas Card Drive for the Troops:

Between the Christmas cards I've received (and am still getting in) and the letters leftover from Q100's Big Thank You that I was given, we are currently up to... 15,719 cards/letters/etc to ship to our heroes all over the world!!! This is by no means the "final count." I don't think I'll truly have the final final count until late Friday night! But it's bound to be a huge number! :) Too darn awesome. :)

Thanks everyone for all you've done to make this year such a success!!!!!

I wish I had done more Kat, but I'm glad that once again it was a success. I know for those deployed it may be difficult to find the cheer in the holiday season but I want you all to know that I am eternally grateful for your service to our country.

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