February 11, 2008

Large Explosives Cache Found in Residential Area

The Iraqi Army and Coalition Forces discovered more than 400 pounds of homemade explosives in a large cache Feb. 10 while searching houses in eastern Mosul in support of Operation Phantom Phoenix:

MOSUL, Iraq – While searching homes in a known insurgent neighborhood, the ISF and CF found the cache. Additionally, the cache held a large amount of explosives including pressure plate IEDs, TNT, blasting caps, an unknown liquid, ball bearings and other materials used to make IEDs.

“Once again the insurgents have decided to store large amounts of explosive materials in residential areas, showing a complete disregard to the safety of Iraqi
citizens,” said Maj. Gary Dangerfield, 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment spokesman.

Due to the instability of the structure and the amount of explosives in the cache, it was determined that the explosives had to be detonated in place. The Iraqi army and Coalition Forces notified residents, evacuated the area, and conducted a controlled detonation.

The blast resulted in minor damage to five adjacent homes. Residents of those homes will be compensated.

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