April 18, 2008

Web Reconnaissance for 04/18/2008

A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the day...so check back often.

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Public's View of Economy Takes Fast Turn Downward - The public's ratings of the national economy continue to sour, with assessments deteriorating faster than at any point in Washington Post-ABC News polling. (READ MORE)

Student Loan Bill Passes in House - The House, trying to avert a looming shortage in available student loans, approved a measure allowing the Department of Education to buy federally guaranteed loans that lenders are unable to sell to private investors. (READ MORE)

U.S. Lacks Plan to Operate in Pakistani Tribal Areas, GAO Says - The Bush administration has no comprehensive plan for dealing with the threat posed by Pakistan's lawless tribal areas, where al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden is believed to be hiding, according to a new report released yesterday from the research arm of Congress. (READ MORE)

Bombing Kills 55 At Funeral in Iraq - BAGHDAD, April 17 -- A suicide bombing killed 55 people at a funeral service Thursday in a village 90 miles north of Baghdad, police said, the latest in a string of deadly attacks this week attributed to Sunni insurgents. (READ MORE)

Mexicans Get Less Aid From Migrants - LO DE LUNA, Mexico -- The effects of the subprime mortgage crisis and the downturn in the U.S. economy have cascaded into Mexico, causing a sudden, precipitous drop in the flow of money sent home by Mexican immigrants and highlighting this country's dependence on its wealthier northern neighbor. (READ MORE)

China Spurns Apology, Keeps Pressure on CNN - BEIJING, April 17 -- Ratcheting up a campaign against what it calls Western media bias, China demanded a "sincere apology" from CNN for comments made by an on-air personality who called the Chinese "goons and thugs" last week. (READ MORE)

Morale at Homeland Security Still Shaky After Five Years - Most employees at the Department of Homeland Security like their work, believe it is important and cooperate with others to get the job done. That, no doubt, is a great comfort to the department's senior leaders. (READ MORE)

Pope celebrates jubilant Mass - Pope Benedict XVI ministered yesterday to the many and the few, celebrating Mass with 46,000 joyful Catholics in a sun-bathed Nationals Park before meeting privately with a handful of the sex-abuse victims at the center of the church's darkest scandal. (READ MORE)

5.4 earthquake rocks Illinois, felt elsewhere - A 5.4 magnitude earthquake that appeared to rival the strongest recorded in the region rocked people up to 450 miles away early today, surprising residents unaccustomed to such a powerful Midwest temblor. (READ MORE)

Citigroup posts $5.1 billion loss - Citigroup Inc. said today it lost $5.1 billion during the first quarter as poor bets on mortgages and leveraged loans lopped billions of dollars from its investment portfolio. (READ MORE)

Obama to Hamas: No thanks - Sen. Barack Obama's campaign yesterday was forced to reject an unsolicited endorsement by the Islamist terror group Hamas as the candidate worked to reassure leery Jewish voters, and his supporters derided Wednesday's debate as unfair. (READ MORE)

N. Korea's nuclear past stays sealed - The Bush administration made another concession to North Korea yesterday by agreeing to keep secret part of a required declaration of the country's nuclear programs, saving Pyongyang a public embarrassment from its proliferation activities. (READ MORE)

Oil investors welcome skyrocketing price at pump - Regular gasoline prices vaulted to a once unthinkable record of $3.42 a gallon yesterday, paining most Americans but pleasing a growing contingent of investors who are profiting from the fast-rising price of fuel. (READ MORE)

Al-Qaida No. 2 al-Zawahri says US options in Iraq all bad - CAIRO, Egypt (AP) -- Al-Qaida's No. 2 said in an audiotape released Friday that the United States will lose whether it stays in Iraq or withdraws, and he sneered that President Bush just wants to pass the problem on to his successor. The message from Ayman al-Zawahri released early Friday on a militant Web site appeared to be one of the most quickly prepared tapes produced by al-Qaida... (READ MORE)

On the Web:
Charles Krauthammer: Nonproliferation's Time Has Passed - WASHINGTON -- The era of nonproliferation is over. During the first half-century of the nuclear age, safety lay in restricting the weaponry to major powers and keeping it out of the hands of rogue states. This strategy was inevitably going to break down. The inevitable has arrived. The six-party talks on North Korea have failed miserably. They did not prevent Pyongyang from testing a nuclear weapon and entering the club. North Korea has broken yet again its agreement to reveal all its nuclear facilities. (READ MORE)

Kathleen Parker: In Praise of Criticism - Pope Benedict XVI's visit to the U.S. has afforded the American media and others an opportunity to remind us that the Catholic Church is "out of step" with modern times. That is both a criticism and compliment -- praising with faint damnation. What exactly about modern times would compel a pope to change his institutional mind about the fundamental belief in, say, the dignity of all human life? The central life issue is, of course, abortion, about which even a majority of American Catholics (58 percent) differ from the church's view. (READ MORE)

John Hawkins: Seven Uncomfortable Truths For Liberals - The biggest problem with liberalism is that much of it is based on incorrect assumptions about human nature, the government, and how the world works. That's why liberal policies that seem so well-intentioned often have such disastrous results over the long-term. Until liberals start to understand these truths, their ideas will continue to be damaging to their country and the world. Human beings are born selfish and badly behaved: You, me, your father, Mother Theresa, the Pope -- we were all savage, self-centered little animals when we were born and it was only through the socialization process that we became fit for other humans to live with. (READ MORE)

Patrick J. Buchanan: Who's Behind the Proxy Wars - Iran is conducting a proxy war against the United States in Iraq, declared Ambassador Ryan Crocker last week. How? Gen. David Petraeus explained. The Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah are arming, training and directing the Shia militia fighting U.S. and Iraqi forces in Basra and firing rockets into the Green Zone. Said Petraeus, the Quds Force is responsible for killing hundreds of American soldiers. If true, these are acts of war from a privileged sanctuary. (READ MORE)

Ann Coulter: Obama Woos Gun-Toting God Nuts - The Democrats' "Fake-Out America" adviser, Berkeley linguistics professor George Lakoff, must be beside himself. Despite Lakoff's years spent training Democrats to "frame" their language to stop scaring Americans, B. Hussein Obama was caught on tape speaking candidly to other liberals in San Francisco last week. One minute Obama was bowling in Pennsylvania with nice, ordinary people wearing "Beer Hunter" T-shirts, and the next thing you know, he was issuing a report on the psychological traits of normal Americans to rich liberals in San Francisco. (READ MORE)

Hugh Hewitt: Airing the Ayers-Obama Connection - Before we comment on the significance of Barack Obama's connection to William Ayers, the domestic terrorist from the '60s Weatherman Underground, let's get the facts of the connection out. On February, 22 Ben Smith of Politico.com wrote this introduction to his story on the Obama-Ayers relationship: In 1995, State Senator Alice Palmer introduced her chosen successor, Barack Obama, to a few of the district’s influential liberals at the home of two well known figures on the local left: William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. (READ MORE)

Paul Greenberg: Jimmy Carter's Latest - "Will all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood Clean from my hand? No; this my hand will rather The multitudinous seas incarnadine, Making the green one red." - Macbeth He started out all right. Jimmy Carter always does. Whether as president or ex-. Remember when he was the country's bright, shining hope after Richard Nixon's reign of darkness and then the vague non-administration of Gerald Ford, the Great Pardoner? But before long Americans were looking back to the nondescript Mr. Ford as if he'd been George Washington. (READ MORE)

Burt Prelutsky: Skewing the Supreme Court - Often, people are surprised to learn that I much prefer reading fiction to non-fiction. The main reason is that those who write fiction tend to be people who write for a living, whereas the folks who crank out history books and biographies are very often those whose first love is research. The other reason is that in a novel, the author is free to divulge everything the characters know, think, feel and do. When it comes to non-fiction, we are often dealing with what the writer imagines took place, and we may not be aware of his bias. There is a reason, after all, why there are so many different accounts of different historical events. (READ MORE)

Oliver North: Citizen Carter's Ego Trip - "Your strength can compensate for my weakness, and your wisdom can help to minimize my mistakes." -- Jimmy Carter, inaugural address, Jan. 20, 1977 More than 31 years after he uttered those words, America still is trying to compensate for and minimize Jimmy Carter's mistakes and weaknesses, the greatest of which appears to be hubris. This week, our much-traveled 39th president ventured as a "private citizen" to the Middle East on a self-described mission "exploring possibilities for peace." Regrettably, what citizen Carter has succeeded in doing is encouraging our nation's adversaries, lending credibility to terrorists who have killed our countrymen, and disparaging a beleaguered ally. (READ MORE)

Jonah Goldberg: Courting Disaster - Every four years, we're told that this is the most important election since a caveman asked for a show of hands. So some skepticism seems warranted when we hear the same refrain this year. But then there's the question of the Supreme Court. And here, at least for me, skepticism melts away into real anxiety, even panic. Consider the stunning decision handed down from the Supreme Court this week. The court ruled that the state of Kentucky may continue to use lethal injections when administering the death penalty. But that's not what's shocking. Nor was it surprising that for the first time Justice John Paul Stevens admitted he thinks the death penalty is unconstitutional. (READ MORE)

Brent Bozell III: Ben Stein Vs. Sputtering Atheists - I confess that when the producers of Ben Stein's new documentary "Expelled" called, offering me a private screening, I was less than excited. It is a reality of PC liberalism: There is only one credible side to an issue, and any dissent is not only rejected, it is scorned. Global warming. Gay "rights." Abortion "rights." On these and so many other issues there is enlightenment, and then there is the Idiotic Other Side. PC liberalism's power centers are the news media, the entertainment industry and academia, and all are in the clutches of an unmistakable hypocrisy: (READ MORE)

Richard H. Collins: Who Are You Willing To Believe? - Wednesday’s Democratic debate forced Hillary Clinton into yet another lie. No, this wasn’t one of her serial exaggerations about her time in the White House. Nor was it a deceptive answer about the scandals that seemed to occupy so much of her time there. In fact, I doubt anyone in the media will challenge the veracity of this particular statement. When George Stephanopoulos pressed Hillary on whether she thought Barack Obama could win in November she responded “Yes. Yes. Yes.” Now it may be that Hillary felt she had to give that answer or face even more backlash from Democrats who feel her continued attacks on Obama are a huge gift to the presumptive GOP nominee John McCain. (READ MORE)

Sandy Rios: Pedophilia and the Pope - I can understand why nearly three-quarters of U.S. Catholics say they approve of their new Pope, Benedict XVI. He is a deep thinking Pontiff who, like John Paul II before him, holds fast to refreshingly strong moral convictions. When he said he was ashamed of the existence of pedophile priests and their subsequent abuse of young boys, unlike the scoffers, I believe him. It’s true that many Catholic leaders, to their disgrace, ignored early reports and initiated a cover-up. If financial retribution can ever repay such betrayal, many archdioceses have been bankrupted by the scandal. The church, however slow, has made attempts to purge themselves of this sexual deviance with one notable—and perhaps fatal—flaw. (READ MORE)

Lawhawk: Zawahiri Speaks Again - The new US embassy in Baghdad is finally ready to open, and MSNBC calls it fortress America. It definitely isn't an inviting structure, but that's done on purpose as rules were drawn up after the embassy bombings to make their facilities more secure against various kinds of attacks. The aesthetic principles are secondary to security measures with good reason. The US embassies are targets that the likes of al Qaeda have attacked in the past and may well attempt again in the future. And Zawahiri has emerged from his cave to once again declare that the US has lost Iraq and that Iraq is the most important battleground. Well, he's batting .500. (READ MORE)

Gabriel Malor @ Ace of Spades: Custody Hearings Begin in Polygamy Ranch Case - I haven't posted on the polygamist ranch case yet because the whole thing creeps me out. It's not so much the unusual marriage situation that included not just polygamy, but also wife-swaps. Rather, the way these poor folks seem genuinely happy about their isolated, throwback lives. The choices they make are disturbing because they are so alien, and so I've been sort of avoiding the story. But this deserves a mention. Hundreds of lawyers have volunteered to represent the children pro bono, several of them from some of the most prestigious law firms in the country. The Texas bar has no pro bono work requirement. The initial hearing--a joint hearing--started today. It was a circus. (READ MORE)

Donald Douglas: Obama Confronts ’60s Radicals as Troubling Campaign Issue - It had to happen sooner or later. As those now buzzing around the blogosphere know, George Stephanopoulos questioned Barack Obama last night on his relationship to terrorist radicals of the 1960s. I've discussed Obama's dangerous friends a nunber of times (see "Obama's Circle of Friends: The America-Hating Left"), but the New York Times picks up on the story in today's paper: “On March 6, 1970, a bomb explosion destroyed a Greenwich Village town house, killing three members of the radical Weather Underground and driving other members of the group even deeper into hiding. On Wednesday night, those events emerged as the focus of a sharp exchange between Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama at their debate in Philadelphia.” (READ MORE)

Kat @ Castle Argghhh!: Lessons from History: American Independence - As some of you might know, I'm reading David McCollough's "John Adams". I don't think this book is for everyone. It's very detailed and very long. However, I have to say that it has really got me thinking lately. I suppose, if you look hard enough in history, you can find certain moments, quotes and deeds that seem to reflect our modern endeavors, our conflicts, our triumphs and our losses as a nation. Our modern ideas of independence and diplomacy are reflected throughout McCullough's book on Adams. McCullough, writing about Adams in France, quotes a letter to congress on April 18, 1780: (READ MORE)

Richard Landes: Opinions Please: Is this Pallywood? Is this Demopathy? - This morning I received the following email: “Dear Professor Landes I’ve followed your work on Pallywood and I wondered whether you would comment on the footage released yesterday from Gaza at the Bureij refugee camp, claiming that an Israeli tank shell killed two boys on a bicycle and a Palestinian cameraman. This clip, placed on the BBC website, bears the the logo Hamas TV. What puzzled me was the following. Two young men (and one bicycle) lie in the road. The young men show some traces of blood, the form of which resembles that produced by a knife wound. No sign of a shell crater or other damage is visible. In the distance is seen a collection of cars, one of which is claimed to belong to a cameraman killed by the same shell…” (READ MORE)

Dafydd: Obama's Own "Hagee" Problem - Barack Obama was stunned when numerous sermons of his deeply racist and America-hating "spiritual mentor," Rev. Jeremiah Wright of Trinity United Church of Christ, Obama's church in Chicago, hit the airwaves. The candidate's surrogates responded by immediately denouncing John McCain for accepting the endorsement of Rev. John Hagee, who some have called "virulently anti-Catholic." "Well you're another!" appears to be Camp Obama's preferred non-sequitur to almost any charge, however well founded -- in the Wright case, by Wright's and Obama's own words. (READ MORE)

Jeffrey Breinholt: Ridicule Needed - Jeffrey Imm and Matt Levitt are dead-on about the audacity of Jimmy Carter in meeting with Hamas. My diagnosis: the US needs to look to political activists on the Left and borrow their techniques, if we are ever to fully exploit soft-power tools like economic sanctions. So far, we have lacked the discipline, and the willingness to practice an aggressive form of peer pressure. The symptoms are on public display. In the Holy Land Foundation trial in Dallas, American prosecutors had to deal with a former State Department official who testified for the defense, saying that he never took seriously the US sanctions that forbid financial transactons with Hamas-controlled zakat committees. (READ MORE)

Sharon Weinberger: Human Terrain's 'Catch-22' - The debate over the Pentagon's efforts to work with social scientists continues. Yesterday, we laid out the response of Defense Department officials supporting the program, including comments from Defense Secretary Gates. Today, it's worth highlighting one of the main issues raised by the critics, particularly two former members of a Human Terrain Team, Zenia Helbig and Matthew Tompkins. In a letter to the Project on Government Oversight, they provide a comprehensive account of their experiences, but the snippet that really stuck out for me is this: "Program Management personnel are caught in a Catch-22 where they cannot hold BAE accountable for their failure to deliver on the terms of the contract without their evaluations of BAE being turned on the program by HTS's vocal chorus of critics." (READ MORE)

Baron Bodissey: Muhammad Comes to Vienna - Pasha Kara Mustafa, the Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire, never managed to bring Muhammad to Vienna in 1683. But the Austrian Social Democrats have succeeded where Kara Mustafa failed, and have named a Vienna city square “Muhammad Asad Square”. Our Austrian correspondent ESW has the story. “Austria’s contribution to the EU’s Year of Intercultural Dialogue - Vienna — The square in front of the gate to the headquarters of the United Nations in Vienna is named after a Muslim: ‘I am proud of the fact that a Viennese street sign recalls (the prophet) Muhammad,’ said Omar Al-Rawi, SP-councilor and in charge of questions of integration of the Austrian Islamic faith community.” (READ MORE)

Don Surber: Just ask me - Question: Did Democratic Sen. Barack Obama give the Clintons the finger? Answer: Watch the video, then decide for yourself. If so, it is the lamest rendering of the single digit salute ever. Vice President Nelson Rockefeller knew how to do it. Johnny Cash knew how to do it. Barack Obama? Girly man. Question: Will dissent be patriotic under President Obama? Answer: Daring to question The Great One will bring swift retribution. This from a group that opposed the War on Terrorism. Michelle Malkin has more. (READ MORE)

Dr. Sanity: AHMADINEJAD AND THE PARANOID STYLE - Charles Krauthammer argues that, with pre-emption off the table, deterrence is the only option agains regimes like North Korea and Iran: “There are four ways to deal with rogue states going nuclear: pre-emption, deterrence, missile defense and regime change. Pre-emption works but, as a remedy, it is spent....” Krauthammer goes on to add that missle defense must also be used as an adjunct to deterrence; and you should read the entire article. I believe he is generally correct about deterrence working with North Korea and the specific lunatic who is in charge there. But I have serious doubts about any strategy that depends on mutually assured self-destruction working with a regime like Iran--home of the suicide bomber squads and center of Shiite apocalyptic vision. (READ MORE)

Flopping Aces: The Arrogance of Obama - Last night’s debate cemented the fact that he is unqualified for and ill-prepared to be President! As Curt pointed out earlier, the Obamatons were all whining like spoiled brats today! “Wah! Wah! Wah! the debate was sooo unfair to Obama!” Obama got hit hard last night in the presidential debate in Philadelphia with repeated questions that go to the heart of his character. And Democrats called that “trivial?” You would think after realizing how bamboozled they were by the Clintons, which some of them have only recently discovered, they would be loathe to make the same mistake again. But then, YOU, dear reader (most of you anyway) would think. That’s a skill not yet required by the Obamatons. (READ MORE)

GayPatriotWest: On Bad Candidates & Political Fortunes - In this morning’s Wall Street Journal Political Diary (available by subscription), Reid Wilson of Real Clear Politics presented the possibility that Republicans could lose two open seats in the South, Louisiana’s Sixth where Richard Baker retired to run a hedge fund association and Mississippi’s First, made vacant by Roger Wicker’s appointment to Trent Lott’s U.S. Senate seat. Polls have the Democratic candidate Don Cazayoux ahead in the Louisiana District while Republican Greg Davis is only slightly ahead in Mississippi. (READ MORE)

Ed Morrissey: Howard Dean getting desperate - Apparently, Howard Dean saw the same presidential debate we did at Hot Air. He told Wolf Blitzer on CNN yesterday that the superdelegates have to make their decision now in order to avoid losing another three months to John McCain (via Memeorandum): “An increasingly firm Howard Dean told CNN again Thursday that he needs superdelegates to say who they’re for – and ‘I need them to say who they’re for starting now.’” (READ MORE)

Amy Proctor: Hillary & Obama Don’t Care What Commanders Say, They are 'Committed to Withdrawal' - Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama made it crystal clear at last night’s presidential debate that they will not listen to commanders on the ground in Iraq about the mission, although Obama conceded he would listen to “tactical advice” given only from missions he sets. How bipartisan. Hillary made it clear that “our commitment to withdrawal” would be the policy in a Clinton administration, despite the conditions on the ground. (READ MORE)

Scott Johnson: Death of a Reuters photographer - Reuters has been a prime purveyor of the propaganda and lies emanating from the terrorist organizations of the Middle East. In Israel's 2006 war with Hezbollah in Lebanon, for example, Reuters was caught disseminating doctored propaganda photos that came to be dubbed fauxtography. Fauxtography includes staged and falsely captioned photographs, both of which Reuters has also perpetrated on behalf of terrorist organizations in the Middle East. Gaza in particular has been a fertile source of Reuters fauxtography. For a falsely captioned set of photographs disseminated by Reuters from a Gaza hospital, see this. For a staged propaganda photograph of Yasser Arafat at a Gaza hospital, see my own post "He didn't give at the office" and my related Weekly Standard article on Arafat's post-9/11 public relations production. (READ MORE)

McQ: Guilt by association, guilt by choice or both? - One of the more interesting developments in this year’s presidential primary race has been the exposure of Barack Obama’s pastor’s racist and anti-American speech from the pulpit. There is really no argument from Obama that what Jeremiah Wright is seen saying on various YouTube clips are both of those things. The argument has been, what does that mean about Barack Obama? Does that reflect on Obama? Is that "guilt by association" which most people reject, or is it association by choice and thus "guilt by choice" (for lack of a better phrase)? Or is it a bit of both? (READ MORE)

Reverse Spin: Dems will regret nominating Obama - We’ve said here for months that the MSM was vastly overrating the Democratic field for president. In terms of qualifications, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton always ranked fourth and fifth behind John McCain, Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani. Now that the MSM is finally asking Obama a few pointed questions, his glaring weaknesses in the fall are becoming apparent. He’s a far left liberal who is smart but intellectually lazy. His positions are a hodgepodge of illogicisms stitched together with only one theme: opposition to President Bush. (READ MORE)

ShrinkWrapped: And the Meme Played On - One of the most difficult problems facing all of us in an age where information is becoming increasingly available and proliferating exponentially is how to determine the quality of all that information. At one time it was fairly easy to draw conclusions. If the "news" made it into the New York Times, there was a high degree of confidence that the story reflected a reasonably accurate picture of the reality it was describing. That was probably never particularly true but until the advent of talk radio, the Internet, Fox News, and especially the blogosphere, where real time fact checking is the norm, there was no way for the typical consumer of news to know how slanted the MSM could be. (READ MORE)

Rhymes with Right: Dem Leaders Declare Failure In Iraq - The assessment by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Jack Murtha was really grim at yesterday's press conference. They argued that the President's delay in troop withdrawals was "covering a policy of failure. Indeed, Hillary had this to say. "If the American forces leave, they will lose everything. And if they stay, they will bleed to death." Obama gave this assessment. "Iraq nowadays is the most important battlefield on which our mujahedeen are waging a war against the forces of the Zionist-Christian Crusade," al-Zawahri said. "Therefore, supporting the mujahideen in Iraq and especially the Islamic State of Iraq is a most important duty." Yeah, yeah, yeah -- I know, Barack Obama isn't a Muslim or a terrorist. He's just supported by them. (READ MORE)

Sister Toldjah: The Democrat party crack-up - There are so many news stories out there today about how much in disarray the Democrats are right now that it’s hard to know where to start. For the party that many believe has been in the driver’s seat since the 2006 elections to take the WH and expand their majorities in the House and Senate, you’d never know it as these days watching the various politicos and operatives duking it makes one wonder if we’re watching Real World: Sesame Street, live as it’s happening. The furor continues unabated this evening from many of Barack Obama’s thin-skinned supporters who continue to whine that the deck was “stacked against” BO at last night’s ABC News debate (transcript here). Apparently they believe, essentially, that even though Obama is a grown man he should still be spoon-fed baby food rather than the meaty stuff we grown-ups eat. (READ MORE)

Meryl Yourish: Jimmy Carter’s failure and successes - Jimmy Carter has achieved nothing by talking to terrorists who have said, time and again, that they are going to destroy Israel. Snoopy details the exact quotes of the men that Carter has met with in the last few days, and I have detailed the same kinds of quotes from Khaled Meshaal, Hamas’ leader in Damascus. He is in Damascus because he knows if he comes to Gaza he will be assassinated. (Why Israel hasn’t assassinated Haniyeh and al-Zahar, I’ll never understand.) His failure is obvious. Hamas has not agreed to stop firing rockets. They have not agreed to stop attacking Israelis. They have not agreed to release Gilad Shalit. If they had, Carter would be trumpeting their willingness to do all these things to the world. Instead, he’s doing his usual speeches: Blaming Israel for failing to give the terrorists what they want, and blaming Israel’s actions. And now he’s calling Israeli self-defense “terrorism”—just like his terrorist buddies do. (READ MORE)

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