August 29, 2006

Web Reconnaissance for 08/29/2006

A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention.

Captain Ed writes Who Won From The Plame Flameout? “It's easy to add up all of the people who lost in the collapse of Valerie Plame leak case after Michael Isikoff and David Corn revealed that Richard Armitage originally gave the information to Robert Novak. Joe Wilson watched his carefully-constructed and mostly false version of events come apart at the seams. Novak lost his job at CNN (later catching on with Fox) and came under tremendous criticism for his refusal to act to free other journalists from legal action. Patrick Fitzgerald put a lot of tarnish on his previously sterling reputation for extending a criminal investigation for years after the culprit confessed five days into the Department of Justice probe. Judith Miller lost the respect of her peers because of a belief that she protected Bush administration officials and acted as a mouthpiece for them, an assessment that none of her colleagues bothered to revisit after the Isikoff/Corn story came out on Sunday.” (read more)

Mohammed of Iraq the Model writes If I had known… “Says Hassan Nesrallah giving us in the Middle East a topic for a new debate. Reactions and evaluations to this statement and its timing vary a lot; supporters of Nesrallah consider it a move of courage to admit one's mistake and this is another "virtue" to add to the qualities of the Sayyed's persona as if he isn't yet satisfied with the number of titles he already "won" during the latest war and earlier wars. On the other hand those who disagree with Nesrallah and his party consider the statement an admission of defeat and an evidence of the confused policy of Hizbollah and an opening for future defeats.” (read more)

Michael J. Totten writes Eyeless in Gaza “SOUTHERN ISRAEL, NEAR GAZA – All eyes turned from Gaza to Lebanon as Israel fought a hot war with Hezbollah across its northern border. Before the Lebanon war broke out, the fighting in and around Gaza was the big story in Israel. But once the media coverage ended it stayed ended, even after foreign correspondents were free to pick up where they left off. Perhaps the kidnapping of two Fox News journalists by the latest in a long line of Palestinian terrorist groups -- the Holy Jihad Brigades -- all but guaranteed reporters wouldn’t go back. Even though I’ve been in Israel for a couple of weeks, I still didn’t know any more about what’s going on down there than people who have never been here before. News from Israel’s other rocket war barely trickles up to Tel Aviv. So I hopped in my rental car and drove down to Mishav Klahim, just east of Netivot and 20 kilometers from Gaza, to meet Shika Frista who promised to show me what’s going on.” (read more)

Robin at Chickenhawk Express writes The Smoking Gun From Qana (CAUTION GRAPHIC PICS) “I am jumping ahead of myself in the Qana analysis report but this is REALLY big and I believe it is the smoking gun for the staged photos. Bear with me while I explain this information...Soon after the Qana incident, I posted about the cleaned up faces and migrating blood spots on the little girl in the print pajama pants that was essentially Mr. Green Helmet's photo prop. This whole incident at Qana has just bugged me to no end. I have read, read and read reports, stories, articles etc. I have watched endless videos from the scene and looked at so many pictures that I feel like I was there. I was bound and determine to sort through everything to tie up the loose ends - I guess it's the researcher and nurse in me. Finally today, I found a picture over at the incredible EU Referendum that made me say ‘THAT'S IT!’” (read more)

Voolfie guest blogging at Blonde Sagacity writes Context? We Aint Got No Context... “One of the most penetrating and trenchant insights of the last five years was by Douglas W. Kmiec in a 2004 review of Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 911 in National Review. Mr. Kmiec writes, ‘...Moore's political fulmination offers up a nominal truth so shorn of context as to be rendered utterly false.’ The brilliance of this is that it forcefully points out something that many who like to comment on current affairs, either never knew, have forgotten or are purposely ignoring - namely, the importance of context in a discussion of ‘facts.’” (read more)

Tom The Redhunter writes The Nature of our Enemy Part III An Islamic World “On the one hand, there's a danger in reading too much into any one incident. On the other, sometimes they can be so illustrative. Take the issue of Steve Centani and Olaf Wiig, the Fox News journalists who were told to convert to Islam or die. In the video, posted here on Michelle Malkin's site (and on YouTube), Centanni reads a statement, which says in part:” (read more)

Dadmanly writes Enemies Within “Byron York eulogizes Plamegate at National Review Online, in the wake of confirmation that then Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage was the anonymous source, who started the Perfect Storm of Washington gossip, insider Beltway politics, and partisan media manipulation. Retelling the saga with the latest revelations added in, York makes a persuasive case for finding equivalence between Lewis Libby and Richard Armitage:” (read more)

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