June 3, 2006

Web Reconnaissance for 06/03/2006

A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention.

Dafydd writes Questions? Who Cares? It Bleeds, So It Leads “Now that the first wave of hysterical overreporting is past -- where antique media sources casually tossed around phrases like "U.S. military officials have since confirmed to Reuters that that version of the events of November 19 was wrong and that the 15 civilians were not killed by the blast but were shot dead" (which "military officials" were those? why can't we find any such confirmation on the record?) -- we are finally starting to get a little skepticism... at least some probing questions.” (read more)

William Teach of Pirate’s Cove writes GI’s Cleared At Ishaqi: Liberals Seethe “It sure didn’t take long: You think that any of the media will acknowledge their jumping the shark? Naa. While most of the MSM’s have this store prominently displayed, none of them, including the BBC, who first released the story, make any mention that ‘woops, we may have shot our wads prematurely.’” (read more)

The Middle Ground writes Haditha Everyday... “...but the perpetrators wear no uniforms. They justify their attacks by insisting either the murdered civilians are all "enemy" or that those the mujihadeen kill by accident, since they are waging a holy war, will all go to heaven. They do not prosecute offenders. They do not pay compensation for destruction of people and property. But, demonstrated by their targets and number of dead, these are no accidents or even "revenge", but coldly planned attacks against civilians.” (read more)

Martin Kramer writes Take it like a man “Professor Juan Cole has produced another offensive quote, which appears in an article about the academic boycott of Israel: "If Israelis want to be a state, they, both genders, should take the criticism like men and stop being crybabies about 'anti-Semitism.'” (read more)

Greyhawk writes Provocation “Whilst avoiding a larger discussion of what happened in Haditha, let's take a look at some of the media coverage of the story.
Starting with this headline - Investigators: Unprovoked Marines Killed Civilians” (read more)

Fmragtops writes The Underlying Assumption of Haditha “Thanks to the Terrorist-hugging, fifth-columnist, al-Quaida operatives in our mainstream media, American forces will now be undergoing some “special training in ethics and ‘the values that separate us from our enemies’ in the wake of the Haditha allegations.” (read more) UPDATE: fmragtops writes; I just want to point out that my coblogger, FIAR wrote that Haditha post.

Expose the Left has Cafferty Implies Bush/Republicans Trying To Stop Democratic Votes (VIDEO) You’ll have to excuse Jack Cafferty, he is suffering from terminal BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome): Don’t kid yourself. This stuff isn’t happening accidentally. These are calculated moves by people in power to corrupt the system in such a way they are able to remain in power. (read more)

Captain B writes So you think you rate a Bronze Star? HERO'S CALL “The Bronze Star was originally established in 1944 to recognize the unique sacrifices of infantry soldiers during WWII. However, the award was quickly expanded to include members of all the Armed Forces. The Bronze Star can be awarded for both valor and meritorious service. When awarded for valor, a small bronze "V" device is attached to the ribbon. The Bronze Star Medal was established by Executive Order 9419, 4 February 1944 (superseded by Executive Order 11046,24 August 1962).” (read more)

Trevor of Will to Exist writes Ignoring the good stuff “Pain, death, suffering, failure and misery get the limelight in the mainstream press. And stories like U.S. Army instructors teach leadership skills to Iraqis get completely ignored. I guess teaching loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor and personal courage aren’t worth reporting.” (read more)

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